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 Just a reading

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PostSubject: Just a reading   Thu Sep 27, 2007 3:06 pm

What will life hold in store for me?
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PostSubject: Re: Just a reading   Fri Sep 28, 2007 7:20 pm

What a Great Canvas to look at .. full of Vibrant colors... Greens which will help you to choose from your higher, highest self...Orange,radiating from your..Navel Chakra which will aid you in choosing what is best for your present, & future..Reds .
There are many posibilities my friend to choose from,,, The Key is to Choose, for without choice even the slightest shift in awareness can set us off in a new direction...
I am seeing that journaling for you may be very advantagious,as it can be very empowering- a way to Map out our inner theater & expose new voices, instincts and passions. As each set of feelings carry a different voice, a unique persona.
The direction I am recieving at this time for you is perhaps that you could if you are inclined , set an intention, and put it forth into the universe and visualize what it is that fills your heart..Breath into it and give it lifeforce....
From your Head to your Heart.... Such a short physical distance,,, but none the less an important journey for you....
The seer will only reveal parts or your journey.....
I will leave you with this Proverbial Wisdom: He who likes cherries soon learns to climb..... gif12
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PostSubject: Re: Just a reading   Thu Oct 04, 2007 7:03 am

Dear, sweet Liam.

I am going to tell you something you may not want to hear, but here it is anyway;

Your life is so wide open, it is going to be what you make it. What do you want to do? To be? Sit down and make a list. What do you want your life to look like in five years? What kind of career path would you like to pursue? What is the ultimate goal of your career path, to inspire, to create, to invent, to bring hope or healing to people? Be as specific as possible.

What would you like in a mate? Make a list. Of inner she smart, funny, what are her spiritual beliefs? What are her hobbies, her interests, her goals and dreams?

Making these lists is a way of setting your intent, Liam. It works, so be careful. Remember, in the Book of Job he says, "The thing I feared I drew unto myself." So make your list fearlessly, dream big ~ If you had enough money, enough time and enough of anything else you might need, what would you do?

One word of caution, something I did see while pondering your path....Do not let any human being ever become your God. You will have many mentors in your life and they will appear as you need them. Be very careful to remember that they are just people, just as yourself. Just because someone might be extremely talented or gifted in their calling, does not make them any better than you, honey, you have the same gifts inside of you, the same abilities and the same power.

There are people out there who would exploit your sweet and sensitive nature to gratify their own egos ~ There are people who collect followers to themselves. Be careful of this Liam. You already have all the answers inside of you, mentors only help us realize this, they help us draw out those answers ~ but our biggest mentor is the Holy Spirit.

You will be able to recognize the true from the false like this; The true mentor will always point you to God and the spark of Divinity within you, the false will always point you to themselves and their own gift. The true mentor will celebrate YOU, encourage YOU and desire for YOU to shine, the false will desire you to celebrate THEM, demand your encouragement, and more often than not, charge you for the privilege. lol. Just be careful, Liam.

There is a verse in James, I think that says, "You have no need for any man to teach you, for the Holy Spirit Himself will lead you and guide you into all truth." No matter what anyone tells you, always consult with Spirit, Liam, that goes for everything ~ even what I'm telling you now. In the scriptures, in a few passages ~ the original Greek word for the Holy Spirit is translated as "Paraclete." It means, "One who comes along side, to comfort, console, to advise and to guide."

I would remind you that Spirit is FREE, Liam....don't ever pay someone to provide you with Spirit.

One more thing....There are some friends around you that share your interest in spiritual matters, they are seeking quietly, just as you are. Ask God to show you who these friends are. I see at least one young lady....

And lastly....beware of over-indulging yourself in the area of alcohol. This is an area in which you personally have to be very, very careful. While it might be fun for a moment, or you might find welcome relief in the numbness of it, it will derail you from your path, at least temporarily. It is best just to leave it alone.....
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PostSubject: Re: Just a reading   

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Just a reading
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