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PostSubject: Spiders   Spiders EmptyWed Jan 16, 2008 2:11 am

For two nights in a row i have experienced spiders in my dream,but all at once they had done 4 different things such as..

1.I had to climb up a ladder where i looked up and their were all these spiders sitting in their webs

2.As i was ready to climb one spider had crawled down the wall and started to hover in front of me (i know that was strange)

3.The same spider was leaping to about 1metre high towards me and i can still remember how scared i was feeling

4.As i lifted my hand the spider clinged on and bit me

Now i have no idea why i have spiders in my dreams for,perhaps my dream itself is trying to tell me something,could someone help me out here please as i am curious to know...

Thankyou Most Appreciated

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PostSubject: Re: Spiders   Spiders EmptySat Feb 09, 2008 12:05 pm

hi. you are about to embark upon a journey of discovery, yet there is some apprehension some small fear. this is normal. know that you are protected and loved.

the path will have you raising your awareness. seeing things that are not normally there. you will find the connection to spirit and the part of you that is your christed self and your soul will rejoice as it further embodies into your physical being.

your reluctance, has the reality that is to come, seeking you. you are part of the whole as we all are. and as we each take our journey it adds to the great richness that is life and enables that which is to follow us, to be.

spiders are creators of realities. are you not already using the reality of the world wide web? www. are you not already part of the fabric of the web of life? there is nothing to fear.

spider is reaching out to you. asking you to step up. and as you have begun to climb the ladder in your dream, there will be changes in your daily earth life. while there may be challenges, it will be all good. <>
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