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Wild Dove

Number of posts : 1312
Age : 74
Location : Urthland
Humor : monkey business
Registration date : 2007-12-21

PostSubject: K:POEMS: KEEP PROTECTING EARTH MOTHER SPIRIT   Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:29 am

Hawk, Raven, Crow & Eagle are Sharing Fishing Grounds
Sitting on a branch of The Cottonwood Tree
Sat Crow. Then there were three
On The Ground I saw a circle of them
Staring at me.

Little Bear and I walked on down the beach
Is this another Hitchock segment The Birds did breach?
They continued to stare- to devour me?
I stopped, looked down at the ground
There in front of me lie a beautiful hawk feather.
I picked it up gently. It spoke to me.

Grandmother told you last night "The Time is nigh
When Eagle, Hawk, Raven and Crow share the same sky
The same Fishing grounds, The Time of Prophecy is nigh."

Yes, the crows were having breakfast. They didn't mind us, nor
The Red-tailed Hawk that flew by.
He too took one long look staring me in The Eye.
Then he flew into the distance, the mist above the river rose
It was Winter. It was cold. Shivver me timbers
There at the end of the old dock on the old Mooring Post
Was a Hawk's nest with four gaping mouths and a wife.
Hawk brought fresh fish, unlike dead smelly flesh of
The Crow Circle nearby. Brood fed, Hawk and Wife
Came back to The Beach and winked at us.
Off to The Meadow to play Marianne and Robin Hood, they cried
As they flew by.
Eagle then crossed their path. No conflict there.
He then headed over to his post, only a football field away. He seemed to be watching Hawk's young ones,
I'll never know exactly. However, Grandmother's words about The Prophecy of the sharing in the sky was part of the reason
Feather did all the talking. It was The Elders pact with me,
The Final Act.
I haven't lost faith in Them, Hawk Nation, Nor Eagle and Crow.
Not The Grandmother either. That's a fact!

We are all meant to be sharing the same fishing grounds.
Aho! " Trust me, Willy, The Time really is nigh.

And so, dear brother and sister,rhyming or not, silly words or profound, this is the gift given me to give to you. I never wrote poetry be it.... I am here, to share my poems, my stories, how the animal spirits, The Birds of The Dreamtime and The Ancestors among us calling out to us, red, brown, black or white, just like the Buffalo Calf woman born in 1993 and still alive. She did indeed go from Black to Yellow to red and to white, and so did her daughter and her daughter's daughter. All this is true about the times when the ancestor spirits rise, not the "end times" other "folks" seem to swear by....alas...., my poems are to help Protect Our Earth Mother Spirit, and it is a joy to share them with you. I hope you too will add to this forum topic. Be well..... You have The Key, Turn the lock, Open that door. Walk in. On the floor the welcome mat is already put down for you. This Celestial Room is not The Changing Room. It is chock full of goodies, just waiting to be devoured. Aho! :lol!:
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Spring Miracles

Number of posts : 1440
Age : 62
Location : In My Fortitude
Registration date : 2007-08-05

PostSubject: Re: K:POEMS: KEEP PROTECTING EARTH MOTHER SPIRIT   Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:03 am

Beautiful and inspirational. Your gift of poetry is wonderful and appreciated. Please share more with us. The words are so beautiful and calming. Thank you so much for this Wild Dove.

This line jumps out for me.

Quote :
"The Time of Prophecy is nigh."

"You don't stand a chance against my prayers. You don't stand a chance against my love."
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PostSubject: Re: K:POEMS: KEEP PROTECTING EARTH MOTHER SPIRIT   Fri Dec 28, 2007 9:48 am

WildDove, I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open. My chin literally hit the floor when I read your beautiful poem, indeed, it is a gift, a marvelous one at that.

Here is a dream I had around Easter of this year....

Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls

I took a nap this afternoon and I had a dream....maybe someone can help me with the meaning. I went out in my backyard where we were having some sort of gathering. Just as I walked outside, two red-tailed hawks flew overhead and landed in our cottonwood tree. I was very excited about it and pointed it out to the others in the yard. Everyone else seemed disinterested, but I was amazed. As I drew closer to the tree, I noticed that there were many other types of birds in the tree, doves, sparrows, starlings and crows. The other birds weren't afraid of the hawks as I would've imagined, they seemed to welcome their arrival. In fact, as I watched, the hawks began grooming birds' feathers. Then, the hawks flew from the tree and lit on the fence I share with my neighbor. The birds were facing me so I could no longer see their red tails. They were now pure white, with rounded faces. I was puzzled because now they didn't appear to be hawks at all, but owls. As I approached them they said to me in unison, "We are baby owls." Well! I was delighted, having never seen a pure white owl, let alone two owls. They were not afraid of me as I walked toward them, they seemed to want me to know them. When I reached the fence, the owls had morphed into two blond-headed girls on the other side of the fence. They were laughing and having fun. Then I woke up. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you in advance. There were geese in the tree as well. I've never seen a goose in a tree! It was daylight when I saw the hawks, twilight when I saw the owls and nighttime when I saw the girls. I think for some reason that is also significant.

Of course, you can see the correlation to your poem. The other signifigant thing that jumped out at me in your poem is the four hungry mouths and the wife that the hawk is feeding. lol. Very, very interesting, Dove! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I hope to hear more from you, friend.
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Wild Dove

Number of posts : 1312
Age : 74
Location : Urthland
Humor : monkey business
Registration date : 2007-12-21

PostSubject: RE:Your dream, BTM   Fri Dec 28, 2007 2:03 pm

BTM, I use Jungian approach. I selected from your exact quote, your words about characters in dream, scene change and feelings/actions, blocking out the rest and replacing it with ..... Jung says when a dream has distinct three-scene change it usually means a who?what, how to get there, and result/solution to problem dreamer may be having, or simply a description of dreamer's position/behavior at the moment.

Were you your present age in your dream? If so, here is my interpretation:

backyard gathering (FIRST SCENE)....two red-tailed hawks flew overhead.... cottonwood tree. others in the yard.....doves, sparrows, starlings and crows. hawks began grooming birds' feathers..... now pure white, with rounded faces.... didn't appear to be hawks at all, but owls.

(In the back of your mind there is a gathering of information (bird(S)- messengers of spirit symbolically) about your spiritual growth (cottonwood tree---Beaver's favorite,softer, easier to chew than other trees used in the building of his nest/dam(Beaver is the great architect/Builder of Dreams in animal symbology)
RESOLVE FOUND IN SECOND AND THIRD SCENE.)(red-tail hawks, bringers of vision, eagle of the night and the moon, white owl goddess of the moon's favorite bird, also celtic witch's(meaning mother's of the night-night-MAREfavorite bird for oracular wisdom)

As I approached them(NEW SCENE) "We are baby owls." delighted, having never seen a pure white owl, let alone two owls. want me to know them.

(You are being blessed with a new light (delighted) You were willing to approach that pure (white) light, unafraid, The light of wisdom and magic associated with the night.

When I reached the fence THIRD SCENE)the owls had morphed into two blond-headed girls on the other side of the fence. They were laughing and having fun. Then I woke up.


Only you know who they did not reveal anything about the two girls other than they were blond......Be well, thank you for the dream, and thank you for asking for my interpretation/insight. This kind of exchange strengthens both of us.

The other details, what time of year, what season, your current backyard, or one when you were a child, etc.etc. Is this something going on now, a possible growth in you coming up(Spring/Summer) perhaps? Jung would say all details are parts of the dreamer. I hope this helps. Mitokuye Oyasin, Aho!
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Number of posts : 4
Age : 61
Location : San Diego
Registration date : 2008-03-17

PostSubject: Up Where the Eagle Circles the Sun   Sat May 31, 2008 1:20 am

We Are as One

As sunlight fills my eyes
Cast deeply through my soul
We are as one.
As our brother suffers through persecution
We are as one with him
We walk with him on part of the path
The part of intense pain
And we know his pain and he knows ours,
If we will only step out to feel, hear and sense.

There is injustice
And there are souls that dance
To the melody of peace and love
These souls asks for forgiveness
Of their Fathers
They ask for unity of spirit.

Up where the eagle circles the sun,
He calls you there
To look at all with his eyes,
Eyes that see truth
Much deeper than the surface waters
Truth that we are as one
We are simply love.

The plains are naked except for tall golden grass
An orange-red colored sunset
Pastels across the sky
There you see a child running freely,
Barefoot and dancing
She is as one.

We must try to be more like the child
Let go of the burdens
That keeps us struggling up stream
Without the presence
Of love.

Rebecca J. LePage

Bless you all for this inspiring sacred sight.
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PostSubject: Re: K:POEMS: KEEP PROTECTING EARTH MOTHER SPIRIT   Sat May 31, 2008 8:06 am

And bless you, Malachai for that beautiful poem, with its beautiful imagery.

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