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 For December

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PostSubject: For December   For December EmptyMon Dec 03, 2007 10:36 am

Monthly Forecast for December, 2007
Provided by


If it's snowing on the 1st, you may want to go sledding. Say someone -- your sledding partner of choice, your significant other, your boss -- doesn't want you to. Maybe they think you should wait another day for the snow pack to be really nice and deep. Maybe they think you should cuddle up with them by the fire with a nice book and cup of cocoa and rub their toes. Maybe they think you should forget sledding and get back to work. Whatever you desire this month, and whatever impediments you encounter, it's your job to stay positive. Stay focused. Get your needs met and learn what you can from obstacles you encounter along the way. And be sure you exercise! On the 3rd and 4th, if you keep these precepts in mind, you're bound to have a good time on the backyard slopes. On the 9th, you're ready for some serious action. How about hauling the sled to the local park? By the 13th and 14th, you have a vision. The more committed you are to it, the more likely it is to become a reality. On the 20th, you're thinking hard about what you really value. On the 25th and 26th, spend time with people you love, and you could find unexpected romance! On the 31st, make your list: What do you want to change next year?


On the 1st, take a good look out of your bedroom window when you wake up. Ah! What beauty! You may see a winter wonderland; a bright, sunny beach day; a pristine forest; or a funky urban sign (depending on your longitude and latitude, and maybe also a little bit on your attitude). Whichever it is, take a moment to appreciate it. Notice the beauty in the scene (with your positive attitude, it shouldn't be hard). Then start the month giving thanks for all the gifts this year has given you. Ahh! By the 4th, you're ready to give yourself a very important gift: getting your body in shape. So pick an exercise routine and stick with it. On the 9th, keep an eye on your budget. You don't want to overdo it with gifts. On the 13th and 14th, a power struggle will get you down if you let it, so don't let it. By the 19th and 20th, things are going your way. The 24th is a good time to go out on a limb emotionally. Trust yourself. You can do this. On the 25th and 26th, spend quality time with folks close to you. And if these folks insist on getting embroiled in another power struggle, choose not to join in, and excuse yourself to do the dishes. On the 31st, resolve to make next year your year for fitness. Then go out dancing!


On the 1st and 2nd, you're likely to be running errands. You're getting a checkup. You schedule a meeting with the roofer to mend the little leak in the attic. You take a trip to the mistletoe farm to stock up, so you can hang some in your doorway (in case a certain somebody drops by). Yes, these days are taken up with doing the little things. Instead of letting them be a drag, why not focus on enjoying each and every errand? This is the kind of positive energy that will really close out the year the right way for you. On the 6th and 7th, you should be exploring mysteries. Whether it's a family secret or a spiritual journey you're investigating, keep your eyes open, and you could make a lot of very positive discoveries. Hey, if you don't try, you'll never know. So try, and you'll find out something interesting. On the 17th and 18th, sound out your friends and family on an issue that's been occupying your thoughts. By the 22nd, you're feeling on top of the world. Are you also on top of a ski slope? Could be! On the 26th, go ahead and get into a light debate, but check out to do the dishes before it gets too heavy. On the 31st, dare to dream -- and don't forget to dance!


As the month begins on the 1st and 2nd, communication is the name of the game for you. Whether you're playing badminton or office politics (or both, simultaneously), you're crystal clear. Your shots hit the mark. Your words are like well-aimed birdies. Enjoy this great space, and be sure to take advantage of it by talking as much as possible. By the 6th and 7th, you could be a little tuckered out. Well, heck, don't you think that's only normal? On the 11th, stay home with a good book and a warm, cozy down comforter. You deserve some nice, quiet, peaceful, relaxed time. On the 16th, you're incredibly in tune, so if you sense that something isn't quite right with one of your friends, ask them about it. It could help them open up. On the 19th, pace yourself during the day, then let loose at night. Go out dancing! Have fun! On the 23rd, enjoy a fabulous night out, or an equally fabulous night in. By the 24th, revel in all the good vibes you're getting and sending. On the 29th, go ahead and get started on drawing up the resolution list. Take some time, too, to reflect on the year that's almost past. What went right? What could you do better next year? On the 31st, whether you go out or stay in, have fun!


On the 1st and 2nd, you could be pinching your pennies, and it's not to see if you can make them blush. Nope, as the quintessential winter months begin, you're tightening your belt and taking a hard look at your finances. It's never a bad idea to think about what you really need (versus what you don't really need), and examining where you spend your money is often the most concrete way to do this. So double-check your credit-card bills and ask yourself: Where am I directing my energy? On the 6th and 7th, it's time to shift from money to love. Are the emotional investments you're making well worth it? Or are you wasting your energy -- say, on that person who just can't commit, or by trying to get a relative to change? On the 13th and 14th, get serious about your health. Now that's an investment you can count on for hefty returns in years to come! On the 17th, be patient. In time, all things will come (including a promotion, and possibly even that hottie you've had your eye on). On the 23rd and 24th, you're feeling fantastic. Kiss the ones you love! By the 29th, you're ready to write out your resolutions. What's going to change in the new year? On the 31st, let your social self come out and play!


As this month starts, a few lucky events occur (on the 1st and 2nd) and remind you how content you are right now. Rain or shine, you marvel at the wonder of nature every time you step out the door this month, and you've never felt more appreciative of the people in your life. There's no better way to close out the year than by taking a nice, long breath and giving thanks for the gifts you've received. By the 6th and 7th, you're in a very intellectual mode. What new ideas are occurring to you? What do you think you could do with them if you put them into action? Why not find out? On the 12th, you're due for romance. Whether you're taken or single, there's some kissing in your very near future. On the 18th, a problem with a coworker offers a chance to clear the air. Take it. By the 22nd, if the holiday stress is wearing you down, drop everything and go work out. On the 26th, get organized, but stay flexible. By the 28th and 29th, you'll be counting your blessings again. On the 31st, make your resolutions. If one of them is to spend less money on things you don't need, then refrain from picking up a last-minute party outfit. Put on an old favorite and have a ball!


If that little voice in your head is whispering 'You forgot to do something ... there's something you forgot to do,' on the 1st and 2nd, you may want to listen. After all, irritating as that little voice can be, just think about how many times it's been right. Then take a deep breath and think hard -- calmly, but hard -- about what you might have forgotten. By the 4th and 5th, you've figured it out and will be in much better spirits. In fact, you'll be in the very best of spirits. Wow, it's not every day that you have such a general feeling of superb well-being! On the 9th, you want to get out there and explore. Whether it's a holiday bargain at the mall or a little outdoor adventure that calls you, you'll be giving free reign to your inner explorer. On the 13th and 14th, prepare yourself for a little brain work and lots of romance. By the 19th and 20th, material and emotional bounty surrounds you -- just be careful not to overeat at the holiday party. On the 25th, the presence of friends and family will more than make up for a disruption in the morning. On the 30th and 31st, you end the month with a big, beautiful, fun, laugh-out-loud bang! Just don't forget to write up those resolutions.


On the 1st, you could be cooking something up with a couple of close friends and family members. Whether it's your Great Aunt Fannie's eggnog recipe or plans to surprise Great Aunt Fannie with a holiday party just for her, it's bound to be delicious. On the 5th, 6th and 7th, your month kicks into super high gear, and you couldn't be more pleased with the way things are going. What a great way to bring the year to a close! On the 11th, harmony is your keyword. Whether you're singing carols or just getting along really well with the people close to you, it sounds sweet. On the 16th, romance is in the air -- or is that just the spicy scent of Aunt Fannie's nutmeg? Could be both! On the 20th, it's time to compromise. You could have to quell a few aggressive impulses in order to do a good job at this. Why not go to the gym to work out some feelings? On the 21st, spend the day letting go of an urge to be in control, then spend the evening keeping your cool. By the 28th, you're cooking up something new. It looks very much like a New Year's Eve lamb roast (or tofu kebabs) for two. Who's the lucky invitee? On the 31st, be patient. Make your resolutions and double-check the lamb roast. Happy New Year!


If somebody is getting on your nerves on the 1st and 2nd, it's pretty likely it's your boss. Are you sick of unreasonable demands and private-life-cramping last-minute schedule changes that turn out to be unnecessary in the long run? Well, it's time to take a stand. Insist on healthy boundaries. Be clear about what you won't sacrifice in your private life for work. (If you work for yourself, you have to be firm with your inner tyrant.) On the 6th, a friend steps in and lend a very welcomed helping hand. By the 9th, the season's good feelings are coursing through your veins and brightening everything way, way up. Who turned on all those twinkly lights, anyhow? On the 13th and 14th, talk as much as you possibly can about everything -- with everyone. You could make a lot of interesting new connections! On the 18th, you're super productive and feeling pretty excellent about it. On the 22nd, you're getting in tune, both with nature and with the folks around you. By the evening of the 25th, then all day on the 26th, you're in luck: Travel and excitement are coming your way! On the 31st, end the year surrounded by the ones you love. And make some resolutions!


The 1st may not be the most ideal day to ask for a raise, especially if the boss just found out their mother-in-law is coming for the holidays. If the coffeemaker breaks to boot, it's a sure sign that you should wait until everybody's in a better space before you bring up the topic of your bonus. By the 4th, things are already looking better at work. On the 9th, a romantic plan of yours could come to fruition much sooner than you ever imagined. If you find yourself face-to-face with an object of your affection under the mistletoe, you know what to do! On the 10th, 11th and 12th, a lot of wonderful things are coming your way. On the 17th and 18th, you're focused on family dynamics. Is one aunt stirring up trouble with another uncle who told his daughter something secret? Then she told her stepmother, who told you to deal with it? Try to assess -- honestly -- how much you can really help before you jump into the fray. On the 24th, you have to deal with something, but it could turn out to be a surprisingly pleasant experience. On the 29th, think hard about what you want out of the year to come. On the 31st, take a nap, and then stay out all night if you want to!


The 1st and 2nd are days when you don't want to put on your sloppy hat. Nope, at work and at home, keep your keen eye on the details. You'll avoid a slip up that could have some unpleasant consequences. On the 6th, you're tuned into your career. What's that little whisper you hear coming from deep within your subconscious? You'd like a promotion? And you're annoyed that you haven't gotten one yet? Well, that's something to add to your list of resolutions: Take steps to get promoted. On the 11th, if you're feeling tuckered out, maybe you're not getting enough rest. (Sometimes it's that simple.) Do a review of your eating, sleeping and exercise habits. On the 16th, don't spend too much, even if you need to get presents for everybody on your list. (Maybe everybody should get a slightly smaller present?) On the 20th, it's family time. Instead of dozing off over your fruitcake as Great Uncle Jerry tells you stories from his farming childhood, pay attention. Uncle Jerry's stories are a lot more interesting than you realize. On the 25th, if somebody rattles you emotionally during the day, be sure to try and compromise before dinner. By the 30th and 31st, you're ready to connect. Put on your party hat and get in a position to smooch!


Sometimes, like the 1st and 2nd of this last month of the year, you can't keep putting off making a decision until you have all the facts. No, you may never have all the facts, and if you wait too much longer, the opportunity will pass. It's the last month of the year -- so take your chance and act before it's too late. You'll be glad you did! On the 6th and 7th, don't sign any legal documents until you've had your lawyer (or best friend's little sister who's in her second year of law school) check it over. On the 12th, a well-placed contact will put you in touch with just the person you need to get in touch with. Great! On the 14th, help somebody who needs it. They might not thank you right away, but they'll show their appreciation down the road when they realize how instrumental you were. The 15th and 16th are your days, when good luck and fun will abound. Go look at the holiday decorations downtown! It'll lift your heart. On the 20th, a tricky family dynamic could cloud your usually clear vision. Take your time figuring it all out. By the 26th, you're focused on your diet. If you ate a little too much, don't worry about it, but do go for a run. On the 31st, don't fight with your date even if you feel cranky. Then make your resolutions.
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PostSubject: Re: For December   For December EmptyMon Dec 03, 2007 10:49 am

Half of this is about work.
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For December
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