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 Is the Earth itself showing signs of unrest?

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PostSubject: Is the Earth itself showing signs of unrest?   Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:47 am

Is the Earth itself showing signs of unrest?

December 2, 2007

Beloved I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the
Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of
the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which
has gone before. I bring you consideration of that for which you cannot
change and the ability to change that which you observe to need changing.

Join with us now as we bring to you more words of wisdom from our fine
leaders of the Open Forum. Some of these words may seem repetitious,
while others may come from the heart and need acknowledging today.
Read with your eyes, but your heart and soul will understand what is coming to you.

Today we see this calendar year coming to a close we find that more and more there is
unrest and anger among the inhabitants of this world. Not only are the souls that walk upon
this earth having pangs of hatred and disorder, but so too is the earth itself showing signs of unrest.

You cannot read or listen or see any news that comes forth from your media
that does not view this world as one that is angry and misguided. You hear
about children that are trying to act as adults and bring chaos to the
families that are trying to do the best for them.

You hear about the changes of the earth and the fires and turmoil that is
coming to all who are near. Each day there is another discussion about the
warming trend that is taking this planet apart piece by piece, but in
reality this is not something new or something that you have any control
over. The warming of the planet is something that has happened over and
over again since the beginning of time. You will find that this warming
trend is one that will not only change your world, but will also bring
positive changes to your universe.

You have been told over and over again that the seas will rise and the
coastlines throughout the world will change. The rising of the earth will
bring unrest to those who live near the changing sea, but if you watch
closely you will find that already the seas are rising and your shores are
becoming less and less.

If you live near the coast, now is the time to move. Now, when there is
still sand along the coast and the tides are now coming into your property,
is the time to move into a safe area. True, it is a beautiful place to live
but not a place where you will be for any length of time.

Each year the hurricanes come and raise havoc with the shore and the souls
who are close to the shore, but do they move on…no. The same is true of
those who live along the fault lines or in areas that are besieged with fire
on a regular basis. Mother Earth is trying to tell you something, but no
one seems to listen.

If you are constantly rebuilding your homes and digging out from the water
that comes into your place of living, you should be aware that Mother Earth
is trying to tell you something.

This is a global problem. Not a problem that is only happening in one area
of this planet, but all over. Look at the land and see how it has changed
in the past few years. Look at your surroundings and if you find that you
are seeing and feeling the changes of the earth, then now is the time to
move on.

Soon you will find that the land will rock and roll and buildings that seem
so solid will crash down around you. Soon you will see more fires
stretching farther than before cleanse the land that is so full of dry wood
and tangles of weeds. These fires come only to do the earth well. If you
happen to live in an area where the fires come on a regular basis, then you
are finding that in the spring, new growth does come through and the
darkness of the past is gone and the beauty of new is around you.

However, this is a fine place to visit, but to live where the changes are so
dramatic is nonsense.

No matter where you live in this beautiful world, there will always be
changes. That does not mean that you need to stay in a place that is
constantly changing. There are so many safe areas in this world. Places
that do not see the ocean, or feel the land rocking beneath them or only
view the cleansing fires from a distance.

There are parts of this world that are praying for new souls to come into
their being and live in the wonder of the land that is fresh and free.

There are so many areas, also, in this world that are full of pollution and
disease. These are the places to stay away from. The cities of this world
have become overpopulated and they are the places that will fall with the
next cataclysmic event.

Be aware that the areas that are showing the most volcanic activity are the
areas where the population has out grown the land. The small islands in the
pacific have become overrun and the volcanoes are spewing lava right and
left pleading with those who live close to move away.

For those of you who have chosen to live in safe areas, you can start to
feel very smug. You have chosen to live safe and not be open to the
devastation that will come to the rest of the world. However, even you may
find that the cleansing fires may come to your land, so you must take care
and make your land even safer than before. The floods may not come to you, but the land will be drenched with the much needed water from the heavens.

We mean not to frighten you, but we do intend to keep trying to make you aware of what is to come. We are trying to show you that there are places where you should not be and when the events of earth changes continue to come to your area, then it is time to think about change.

Think on these things.


For now we leave you in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis
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Is the Earth itself showing signs of unrest?
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