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 Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls

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PostSubject: Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls   Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:49 pm

I had this dream some time ago, at the end of April I think. I'm posting it here for Wasayo to read, as she is seeing owls every evening and at first she and Magi thought they were hawks.

Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls

I took a nap this afternoon and I had a dream....maybe someone can help me with the meaning. I went out in my backyard where we were having some sort of gathering.

Just as I walked outside, two red-tailed hawks flew overhead and landed in our cottonwood tree. I was very excited about it and pointed it out to the others in the yard. Everyone else seemed disinterested, but I was amazed.

As I drew closer to the tree, I noticed that there were many other types of birds in the tree, doves, sparrows, starlings and crows. The other birds weren't afraid of the hawks as I would've imagined, they seemed to welcome their arrival. In fact, as I watched, the hawks began grooming birds' feathers.

Then, the hawks flew from the tree and lit on the fence I share with my neighbor. The birds were facing me so I could no longer see their red tails. They were now pure white, with rounded faces. I was puzzled because now they didn't appear to be hawks at all, but owls. As I approached them they said to me in unison, "We are baby owls." Well! I was delighted, having never seen a pure white owl, let alone two owls.

They were not afraid of me as I walked toward them, they seemed to want me to know them. When I reached the fence, the owls had morphed into two blond-headed girls on the other side of the fence. They were laughing and having fun. Then I woke up.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you in advance. There were geese in the tree as well. I've never seen a goose in a tree! It was daylight when I saw the hawks, twilight when I saw the owls and nighttime when I saw the girls. I think for some reason that is also significant.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls   Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:51 pm

And Joker, from Prophs, wrote this really great poem concerning the dream ~

" Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls "

A gathering of birds in the tree of life,
not interested in the eyes of man.
Birds, symbols of Nations known to man.
Doves, sparrows, starlings and crows.
Loud and awkward as they perch.
The goose that laid the golden egg.
A plague has fallen in the mist of war.
In the daylight hours will two birds of pray
arrive, red-tail hawks are they. Not interested in
food, but peace and friendship is what they seek.

Two hawks, two Nations, twins, towers fallen,
warriors born, newborn twins, in wisdom,
washed and clean. Pure and white as snow.
Owls are they; on fences that decide the fate of man
with eyes that pierce the soul in the twilight hours
shall this be done. New life begins, old ones die,
than shall the young maidens dance with joy and
laughter, peace and prosperity for us all.
At nighttime shall slumber come and man
shall awake with a new world order,
yours and mine.

By Michael A Romero
alias the Joker
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Two Hawks, Two Owls, Two Girls
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