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PostSubject: Gaia   Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:17 pm

Mother , Father, God... We offer our prayers and thanks to you for allowing this day to blossom forth with all the wonderful gifts that have been given us we give our thanks we ask that you help open our hearts and our minds and our spirit to accept the energies of Mother earth to join in this occasion With our feet firmly planted on the ground and our thoughts to the heavens we open our lives to the that which is Gaia. We ask that the sentience Gaia join us this evening.

Good evening Dear soul Humans. Strange greeting I know, but not without reason. It is my pleasure to greet you this wondrous evening. It has been some time since this channel has been tuned to my frequencies. And yet I have continued to offer my service and counsel to this one all along ~ he has been somewhat hesitant to bring forth my words ~ for he questions his abilities as a channel. You should hear his tummy rumble with the force of a lions growl at my words and presence. No matter, MY tummy rumbles a bit now and then too.

We find ourselves in unclear times, do we not? Unclear and unsavory. Yet as you feel the truth of these words ...there is a bit of certainty in your hearts , is there not? A place of knowing?

Yes that all will be as it is to be.

that the future will unfold before your eyes and offer hope and abundance.

that the cries of those whom have found themselves in suffering and lack will not last.

that the presence of troubling times is for, lets say the briefest of moments.

when we speak of the big picture

I would like to share for a moment a bigger picture for you to ponder

after all it is the pondering that brings the future forth , is it not?

consider for a moment how you would alter a paradigm that has ruled this planet for eons of time ~ one that as an overseer you were responsible for, in that you are a co-creator of ~ and desiring to have your fellow co-creators share your point of view committed to their evolution as cosmic beings.

Joined at the hip as it were.

would you divorce yourself entirely? Surgically separate?

Or would you hold patience and faith in your heart for those that struggle ~ struggle with the basics of the human condition?

By that I mean all conditions of what it means to be human ~ all emotions, all thoughts,
and all frailties, and the strength of spirit that can move my mountains.

Troubling question is it not? You have, on the one hand, those of you who play at the war game. You have those of you who play at the greed game. and you have those of you who play at IN-lightenment, and of course there are those who simply refuse to play. Those that are stifled by fear ~ all of whom you love dearly, all of whom you consider your children. Would you expel one for another?

Say to them that play at war ...your heart is impure you are no longer allowed to exist? Do you say this to your children when they play at video games? I think not.

you say as mothers guardians they too will grow ~ They too will eventually be mature in their practices ~ in their endeavors. They too will come to honor those of other families.
For this is my influence and can be no other way.

You may ask is it we find so many who seem to be so self absorbed in their games? How is it we find ourselves amidst so many who do not seem to be awakening?

It is simple dear ones, you came together to live this experience and to play your roles, as did the others ~ and you each agreed to honor those roles that each is playing. For with out all the characters would not have a very good play. Not much excitement is there, without all the players?

no villain to hold your attention
no victim to root for
no expression of fear and possible defeat

And yet have you been to a play that does not culminate with a successful ending or transition. I say to you that we are here in transition of the play. We are moving into act 3.

There will be new scenery ~ however the old set must come down first. It doesn't support the whole story. If it did not would be like reading yesterdays newspaper today and expecting something different. The players are the same but the story is changing. It is right at the point that the music quickens and the drums beat louder and the players scurry about ~ running for cover from the villain ~

Lighting strikes
and the lights dim

but for a brief moment ~ suddenly the music begins to soften and the soft rain comes the players walk about the stage ...uncertain of what is nextů

not really knowing if the villain is still lurking about
the players walk cautiously
still fearful
and yet villain
no one to fear
all players have transformed
and have changed their costumes

they are now the benevolent beings scattered about the stage
they dress as the trees and the butterfly and the ass in the field
they dress as you and as me

: and before long the heroes begin to recognize them
they see them hiding behind the new costumes
their new personas
and they no longer fear them for their character has changed

and they dance and rejoice in their new understanding
their new found old friends

I have taken the liberty to weave a tale that we can all find a place or a part in ~ to help ease the burden of the scene we now find ~ but I say to you a new act will follow. And all the players will be present, even if you do not recognize them.

allow the play to unfold dear ones and find your place on the stage ~ for it is your choice of where to stand ~ what role you wish to play.

it is a magic script
and will adjust accordingly.
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