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 childhood haunting

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PostSubject: childhood haunting   childhood haunting EmptyMon Aug 06, 2007 5:36 pm

I believe the house I grew up in was haunted. It used to be a boarding home many, many years ago. When my sister and I were infants (we are ten months apart in age) we slept in cradles on the second floor just above my parents room. They would hear this knocking/rocking sound, they would creep up to the top of the stairway and it would stop. They would return to their room and the noise would start again.

My older sister, of five years, swears that she saw someone sitting in a rocking chair in our living room.

I always had this 'feeling' that something/someone was there, creeped me out. I hated being upstairs by myself. I used to beg my older sister to let me sleep with her, she let me once in a while, lol. One night when I was sleeping with her, I awoke in the early part of the morning, around 2-3 am, looked at the foot of the bed and saw this hazy white figure of a woman, scared the s**t out of me! I slowed my breathing to nearly nothing, afraid it would hear me. Closed my eyes shut and fell back asleep.

I was upstairs lying on my bed one afternoon when my bed started vibrating, again scared the s**t out of me. I finally got up the nerve to jump up and run downstairs. This has happened to my younger sister also.

Evidently they were not evil spirits, for no one in our household was ever hurt, thank God! But I was soooooooooooo glad when we moved!!
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PostSubject: Re: childhood haunting   childhood haunting EmptyTue Nov 20, 2007 2:07 pm

Hi Puschar
What an experience you went thru and yes you are right, i felt that these spirits were good not evil and they can be a

When i did a home clearing in cook st,its in the bronxs area of New Plymouth,Taranaki here in New Zealand, my 2 kids saw a spirit following me,and heres how it started.
A friend of mine (Kaitlyn)asked me if i could do a home clearing, two other psychics wanted to join me cause they felt that this spirit wasn't a good one.
Anyway, my friend,Kaitlyn home was one of those old housing corporation homes,Upstairs and and downstairs.
anyway cut the story short,one of my friends,Francis was clearing out the outside of this home,his wife,Sharon was clearing out the garage and i was doing the inside of the house.
Narrow as the stairs is, i started to walk up them and my kids screamed out and yelled at me"Mum theres a man behind you trying to stab you with a knife"No wonder @ that time i felt a chill in my back before they even yelled.Anyway i said to my kids,its ok,i'm protected by archangel Michael and Gabrielle,sure enough, as i reached the very top of the stairs, i felt this man been pushed back down,the presence was very very strong and when i looked up in front of me,i saw the two angels,once agin with there swords up in the air,protecting me from this (man)spirit.
When we had done what we came to do,We all went outside the back yard and talked about each one experiences,France who did the outside saw a rope hanging from the shed thru the window where his wife Sharon was cleansing in the shed,Sharon experienced a cold chill and a cry from a little 1o year old girl which was sniffer ling and sobering around her and as me me, i experienced 2 beautiful giant angels and a stabbing feeling in my back.While we were sharing our experiences,We all looked up the bedroom stairs where you see a tiny small window,There we all saw the young girl waving out to us clear as daylight with a beautiful smile,then she disappeared into thin air.
Kaitlyn felt @ rest because she felt the energy changes in her home and around her home.
All this got to me so i did a research of what actually happened there in that home,And i was astound to find out What!

The girl mother left her child with a friend at her own home to babysit her while she(mother)went out to buy groceries.
The girl invited a friend over for the day,Now heres the part where this man came in.
He actually had no patients with these girls all because they were loud,rowdy and didn't listen.He lost the plot in that short couple of hours and hang one of the girls in the shed(garage) and stabbed the mothers daughter with a screwdriver many times,over and over agin,Because he realized what he had done,He then hang himself too.This actually happened only 11 years ago and hit the News,@ that time i was still living over in Australia.
Sorry to cut it short but theres my experiences and many many more to come.
God bless
Sharon Kamminga
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PostSubject: Re: childhood haunting   childhood haunting EmptyTue Nov 20, 2007 2:07 pm

The member Sharon has done the following action : Roll dices

4 times childhood haunting De6
Results :
  childhood haunting De5   childhood haunting De5   childhood haunting De4   childhood haunting De2

Some people just don't know what they are missing.
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PostSubject: Re: childhood haunting   childhood haunting Empty

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childhood haunting
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