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 Archangel Raphael ~ On Fear

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PostSubject: Archangel Raphael ~ On Fear   Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:29 am

What is Fear?

a message from Archangel Raphael channeled by Jeane R. Pothier

I AM Raphael, the angel of Healing and Transformation and I delight in being here with you in this way, sharing our energies and taking a moment to indeed, heal and transform in new ways.
The question is asked this day of what is the purpose of our fears? What can be learned from them?

Much has been written and channeled about fears and there are many belief systems around fear and the purpose of fear. I begin this day by saying that fear is whatever you choose to believe that it is. Feel the energy of this, for it is important to understand your part in what fear can be for you.

Fears carry potentials. Potentials for healing, potentials for understanding and comprehension, potentials for change and shifting. They also carry the potentials to keep you from moving forward and to keep you from being who you truly are. Fear is one of those dynamics that carries both an overlay energy as well as an underlying energy and it is how you perceive them, what you actually believe them to be for you, that determines how it presents itself to you.

What does this mean? You might be asking in this moment. How can I possibly be bringing myself this fear of being alone or this fear of becoming a beggar on the street? What would make me do such a thing?

For those who have been on their spiritual path for some time now you will know that you bring yourself various experiences and situations so as to facilitate the growth of the soul and to eventually bring your knowledge and experience to others in sharing. The path of ascension is about exploring the human experience and for much of earth’s history it’s been about learning and lessons and karma, healing the past by working through those old energies in the present. Working through what you have not been able to evolve and heal during your situations and experiences brought to yourself in another life. This has long been the cycle and now in this life, you are stepping out of this way of living your life and moving on to the next level.

Fear has been long used by the soul to focus an experience for learning. Feel the energy of this dear one. Fear has been a method of manipulating the human being to go into a particularly intense experience and to explore what results from that experience, particularly what judgments and belief systems arise from the experience.

To explain this further, take for example the fear of being homeless, of becoming a beggar on the street. Does this motivate one to try harder than everyone else around to make money and get the greatest job and have the broadest sense of security of house and home in their life?

Does the fear of being alone create the experience of one being social and outgoing and never allowing themselves to be in a situation where they might be by themselves?

The human does it’s best to experience that which the soul is asking to experience and to learn from in all ways. Much of what the soul would like to explore in any given life is forgotten once the being has come into the physical life, and therefore these energy dynamics, these overlays that are taking the form of fears, are added to the mix of human potentials.

Before the being is incarnated into the physical body, there are many choices that are made on the higher levels. The soul self determines just what it would like to experience and learn from in the human expression in each incarnation and it also brings in those areas that have not been completed and resolved from previous experiences. You might imagine that these are all thrown into a big vat of potentials and then the poor human gets to go through this vat once they are on earth and they sift through all these energetic things and try to muddle their way through it all, much of which doesn’t make much sense in a new context, in a new life!

Fears have long been used as a means of making sure that a particular area of less experience is brought into completion in one form or another. When one has a fear, again we will use the example of being a poor beggar, then you can know that in one particular life you have already experienced that you WERE a poor beggar on the street! Yet what you may not have also experienced was the polar opposite of this, which is to NOT become the poor beggar on the street.

And when the fear comes into major prominence for you, then the soul is able to facilitate and essentially remind the dear human on earth, that there is a resolution to be made that will be the polar opposite of something that was previously experienced and can now come into balance and be released for all time.

Feel the energy of this dear one. Feel the energy of this dynamic that is all about the experience and let go of the judgments that may also be present around fear. Fear is a method of precipitating or facilitating an experience. That is all. Many have become comfortable with the saying that fear is a False Emotion Appearing Real, and there is much to be said for this. For fear is indeed a falseness, an illusion. It is a device that is added to the pot of human potentials to be experienced and it actually is no more or less than any other experience. It is when it carries the added energy of judgment or a belief system that is then will take on a context or a heaviness that becomes well… fearful!

Fear is an implant that is much like a program that is added to the human computer system at the last moment. And as such, it can be energetically deleted and released. When you have a fear about something in particular, call up that energy by asking for it by it’s name and with your knowledge that it is an implant and therefore, not “real” in the sense that it’s part of you forever. Call it up as for example, “I would like all the fear implants I have around being poor, of becoming a beggar on the street and having nothing to live on.”

And then dear enlightened, empowered divine human that you are, chose to delete, uncreate and destroy this implant, freeing yourself of this in your life. There are many wonderful energy workers who can also facilitate this release for you and with you.

You always have the choice of what you bring to yourself divine human, and more now than at any other time in human existence you can choose your experiences and how much or how little they impact you. Play with this power dear one, for it can be quite enlightening to see how it all plays out for you. Fear is not something that you have to continue to live with in your life, for in this new energy, you have stepped off the karmic wheel and your slate is clean. And if you are struggling with any residual fear in relation to anything in your life then you can give yourself permission to be free of it. There is nothing that you need keep in your life that does not serve you dear one. That is your choice in all things, in all ways.

I AM Raphael and it is always a pleasure to be here with you in this way. I am with you always and always available. Be in peace and know that all is well with your soul.
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Archangel Raphael ~ On Fear
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