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 Very Interesting Channeling ~ Ashtar Command

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PostSubject: Very Interesting Channeling ~ Ashtar Command   Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:10 am

Taken from Ashtar on the Road

"...Now we would say a brief word to those who are concerned about the changes in weather patterns upon the planet, about the global warming. Yes, it’s true there is global warning... And if you’re concerned about the potentials for destructive disasters happening right where you are, be assured that Mother Gaia is telepathically connected with each and every one of you, and Mother Gaia is getting your messages of Love. Keep sending them.

"Mother Gaia is committed to being as non-destructive as she possibly can. You know she’s doing her own house cleaning. She must, because if she doesn’t, the Earth isn’t going to be able to do this Ascension thing. It is absolutely critical. And there are changes occurring in your climate, which might seem difficult at this time, because they might be leading to extremely destructive potentials in your not too distant future.

"Well these are adjustments that might seem to be somewhat severe, and might seem to be leading to even more severe consequences, but the Ascended Earth is going to be a Garden of Eden everywhere. Deserts are going to bloom. Temperatures will be much more even, because that is one of the delights of moving up into those higher dimensions.

"At the moment there are some unusual and unique things happening. Some places are getting more rain, some less, and so on and so on. Well, it’s all part of the processing, it’s all part of the house cleaning, and it’s all part of the balancing that is taking effect, as your Earth literally moves higher in vibrational frequencies.

"So have no doubts beloveds, there will be as little destruction as possible, and the more you send Love to Mother Gaia, and the more you facilitate her house cleaning, everything from simple recycling, to perhaps taking part in cleaning up a stream, or a pond in your community, you know there are many, many things that you can do.

"They may seem small on an individual basis, but they’re huge, because they speak Love to Mother Gaia. They give support for the clean-up efforts, but at the same time, they speak co-creatively, lovingly, and as peacefully as the process can possibly be accomplished.

"There have been many dire predictions. You know, there is going to be a foreign object, an asteroid, or something that’s going to hit the Earth and destroy it all, or there’s going to be a nuclear blowup, or there is going to be an unmitigated series of volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, and tidal waves, and the whole Earth is going to go under, and all of that. Well, those predictions, I should say the time lines, that those predictions rested in, have been changed. It’s not going to happen.

"Oh, we must say a word about those “nuke crazy” people. ( Well, 'people' if you want to call them that. They’re real unique in heritage, let’s just say that.) They want to push those buttons, and drop those bombs, and radiate the whole planet, and then they’re going to take off to some place safe. Well first of all, they’re grounded. They’re not going anywhere. They’re on planet Earth. Now they can destroy their bodies, but other than that, they’re here, and they will not be allowed to leave the planet.

"So more and more of them, as we stated earlier, are coming to the Light, and this is most happy. There are still those who would like to push those buttons, but we can assure you, they’ve tried this before you know. Humm! They got their hands on some, what you call suitcase bombs, and they wanted to detonate those in various parts of your country, and other places in the world, and everybody would think it was these terrorists ( you know, the CIA guys), but it didn’t happen, because we de-fused the bombs, and rounded up the suitcases.

"Now these nuclear bombs that some of your leaders want to unleash, will not be allowed. We have ways of destroying their nuclear capabilities. We’re not going to let you in on exactly what processes we have used. That would take some time. It’s kind of a scientific process, but the bottom line is, they’re not nukes anymore. We have no intention of allowing any kind of nuclear blow up.

"Those that would push the buttons do not understand that they’re going to have to breathe the same air as everybody else. They don’t understand that if they nuke a country across the world, it’s going to find its way back on the weather patterns with the winds of the planet. They’ve been programmed, and unless they come to the Light, they really are not able to cancel that programming.

"The programs are running even though the programmers have left. But more and more of them are waking up, finding that spark within themselves, and we are so happy to see this. Never the less, we are going to be sure that everything gets done, that all that you have desired to create upon the planet, starting with peace and prosperity for all, and the cleaning up of the planet, and the joyful ascension of all living beings upon the planet.

"And there are some special perks, such as rejuvenation, regeneration, and just plane energizing yourself, so that you can do all of the things that you’re here to do, as it is needed. Did we mention that that is very soon? Ha, ha! Oh it’s so delightful to bring this kind of, humm, wondrous announcement; no dates, but soon.

"And now there are changes that are coming that will affect everyone upon your planet, below, on and above, and as planet Earth goes, or shall we say ascends, so too will other planets. And you’ll be joined, you’ll take your seat at the Galactic Council, and what a celebration there will be; such joy, such gladness, such welcome, you made it.

"Congratulations is not nearly sufficient to describe the messages that will come to you. And you’ll all get them personally, because remember, you’re connecting more and more telepathically. And as you do that, you’re going to be more and more aware of your status as citizens of the Galaxy, as well as Planet Earth..."

Excerpt from Ashtar teleconference 4-18-2006

Please join us in co-creating the next teleconference
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PostSubject: Re: Very Interesting Channeling ~ Ashtar Command   Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:03 pm

I have a positive outlook as well on our current situation and changes to the planet. It is just so exciting to be living in the world today and taking it all in. Peace to you and yours.
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Very Interesting Channeling ~ Ashtar Command
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