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PostSubject: WASAYO IS *RED TAILED HAWK* and *CROW* MEDICINE   Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:22 pm

Here is the Red Tailed Hawk Medicine I carry (talons and all):

It was given to me in 1992 by the Hopi Chief in Show Low, AZ who gave me my spiritual name... "Wasayo" (in the Hopi and Shawnee tongue)... and "Skyrider" (in English). The meaning is: *She who talks with the Star Nations*. I do.

In 1990, I was given *Crow* Medicine as my foundation stone:

In addition, in 2006 I was graced with Aboriginal Shamanic Medicine from the rugged outback of Australia... where my Red Tailed Hawk carrying Crow flew in the Dreamtime with an Aboriginal Shaman I "just" happen to know in "real" life. God... Great Mystery... has blessed me greatly.

I will always be misunderstood. I am NOT easy. I (as in the personal "i")... am not there when I speak through my vision quests or in the dreamtime. The Voice which speaks through me is the ancient Voice of Androgyny... the Univeral Akashic (Mind of God Library)... the Akash Bani.

I am both the Sword of Damocles and the Sword of Excalibur. I am NOT there... but I am a Doorway.

Every ancient mystery school throughout the Ages before Time began... has had *esoteric initiation* rites. Coddling is not permitted. It is never easy. The one most loved... the one with the most promise... is always *the one first told NO*... to see if the sannyasin wants to... Live for God... or fall prey to *living for the little self*.

I did not realize because my mind cannot comprehend such things... that this board was so deeply ensconsed in the shadow of the dying forum. I did not realize the human entanglements... loyalties... GAMES.

Like me or not... I am indifferent. *I answer only to God*. *I serve only my Original Father*. I have never been in spiritual work as a popularity contest. I could not be Red Tailed Hawk or Crow Medicine woman if I did otherwise. I would not qualify.

You cannot accept just the part of me which titillates your emotions, your desires... the soulmate readings... the self(natal) readings... without accepting the whole Hologram (all of me, talons and all)... and the Greater Hologram of Great Mystery and Great Spirit.

I come from the ancient halls of Sant Mat (Surat Shabd Yoga) in this life and in many before. I have been Sikh. I have been Sufi. These are the roots of my Eastern mysticism.

I come from the ancient halls of Gnostism... Gnostic Christianity... the "real" Order of Melchizedek... where the esoteric side of Christianity has been taught for 2,000 years. This is very much related to the Essene school. These are the roots of my Western mysticism.

Passage into any of these was not easy. When one enters the Doorway... one's karma is greatly quickened and burned off. Every pain and loss imaginable is suffered and endured... to see if the sannyasin will stay with the Path... will have only ONE prayer... *The Will Be Done*.

This is Wasayo. I am not an entertainment center. *Discern*.

Am I mentally ill, as MiM (SavannahSkye) says? You decide... but beware... this is actionable.

Understand clearly that it is only in the worlds subject to Time and Matter... such as the 3D world we live in... and the 4D and 5D worlds of the lower Astral planes... that such mental and emotional choosing/arguing/"yes/no" toggle exists. Upon every inner world above this... the Causal plane reigns paramount until one walks the walk and enters the borders of Sach Khand... the Godworlds.

Understand also what Engtovo Bhodsvatan as well has been given: When the Great New Beginning comes... *all will be destroyed which lies beneath the Causal plane*.

Time is short. My message is quick and... *God Is In A Hurry*.
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