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 Capricorn New Moom 12/24/11

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PostSubject: Capricorn New Moom 12/24/11   Capricorn New Moom 12/24/11 EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 10:36 am

view chart for capricorn new moon on december 24 2011 at 1:06pm EST,Washington DC

The New Moon in Capricorn has arrived, the time to assess our fundamental goals, a time to deeply consider our priorities. This year has been a year of disorienting change, which is affecting everyone and everything in the world. During these last days of 2011, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong IL died, Typhoon Washi devastated the Philippines, and people in Russia are demonstrating against political oppression. What a memorable year this was that began, and ended, with stunning regime changes and natural disasters! Things have changed so fundamentally that many of us wonder if we really understand reality, and some feel like just doing a few simple things to be happy. Maybe we are realizing we don't have to do everything in this one lifetime-because we have more to live? A new way of knowing-unity consciousness-is helping us to realize we've already experienced many things, so now it is time to make this life special. The Capricorn mode knows how to do this better than any other sign of the Zodiac.

Jupiter goes direct in 0 Taurus right on Christmas Day, following its retrograde journey ever since August 10. Noting the great reorganization of money triggered by the December Full Moon with Uranus direct, we can see that Jupiter in Taurus has really brought pressure for more equality in financial systems as the European financial crisis took center stage. We've had five months of the bankers and politicians moving money around to strengthen and stabilize weak parts of the systems. With Uranus direct in 0 Aries and beginning a new 84-year cycle, Jupiter direct in 0 Taurus provides the maximal level of solidity and integrity for these developments in world financial systems. Of course, these bold reorganizations may not hold, especially since the Federal Reserve, joined by six sovereign-nation banks, made the deal to hold interest rates down while Mercury was retrograde in early December. Still, the big move by the Fed to back foreign banks may end up being the beginning of new financial fairness in the world. We will probably know which way this will go by December 28 when the Sun conjuncts Pluto in 7 Capricorn.

Regardless of which way the world markets go, now that Jupiter and Uranus are direct, the game changers are actually the decisions being made by each one of us! Think about it. Have the roiling markets and banking gymnastics changed anything in your local world? Probably not, so now it is time to draw your attention to your own plans and priorities, which is the classical genius of Capricorn. After all, it is the dysfunctional and destructive systems of the last five thousand years that are passing away, not the collective reality created by your personal genius. Capricorn is a teacher of individuated power and wisdom, a stubborn goat who pushes you out of the collective mental fog and offers you a new path if you will just act. This year's New Moon in Capricorn is an especially wonderful guide for adopting true individuality.

Since the December New Moon occurs only two days after the Solstice, I will not reanalyze all the resonating aspects between all the luminaries (except Mars). The Solstice reading will be posted until the Spring Equinox, and it will be a good idea to reread it a few times this winter because this is the kind of astrology that creates entirely new fractal fields, the essential creative domains that formulate our dimension. Since Mars has little influence during the winter season, nothing will stop this process. Mars is still unaspected during the New Moon, so we have plenty of time to find our own place within these new creative fields during this lunation. With Uranus newly direct in 0 Aries and starting a new 84-year creative agenda, we all have a clean slate-just like the moment a black board is erased with a warm, wet cloth. Martial aggressiveness is temporarily disarmed (Mars unaspected), and Jupiter direct in 0 Taurus confers excellent judgment that encourages us to follow the advice of truly wise, compassionate elders. It really is amazing how many despots and dictators disappeared from the collective scene during 2011, which means millions of individuals feel like they have a chance for a creative and free life! At this critical junction in world politics, like a gift from heaven, this New Moon is very personal and very self-enabling, but only if you can drop all fear about the crashing systems that surround you.

Many of you care about the financial collapse and the exposing of sexual abuse and the drugging of the populace, because it is exciting to see the truth being told! Are you surprised that almost all world leaders are such jackasses and fakes-since this is always the case during corrupt historical periods? Good men and women do not serve in public office within rotting and bloated empires. Are you really surprised the money is gone when most of the people you know have been in debt during most of their lives? Amazingly, these ways disappear when the fractal fields favor the individual right to happiness and freedom. This Capricorn New Moon is riddled with gems of wisdom and highly unusual guidance just when we each need it the most, so let's see how this works.

The potential for effective deep change and completely new paths exists during this New Moon because Pluto in 7 Capricorn conjuncts the Sun/Moon in 3 Capricorn. Truth and avoidance of secrecy is the order of the day, and the aspects to Pluto/Sun/Moon (the Capricorn stellium) reveal how this game may play out: Saturn in 28 Libra sextiles the stellium, which causes people to fight for justice; Saturn relentlessly breaks down the crumbling structures of globalism. Neptune/Chiron sextile the stellium, so we are inspired to use healing intentions and spiritual guidance to clean out and eliminate these destructive former ways of life. This is critical because a significant transformation of our species is simply not even possible without divine guidance; this is a time to trust the wisdom of evolution.

The great gods must be with us with Jupiter in 0 Taurus going direct on Christmas Day while closely trining the Capricorn stellium. Jupiter retrograde exactly trined the Solstice Sun, so the arrival of the Moon to the Sun and Jupiter's forward motion fully releases the potency of the Solstice. This ideal harmonic from Jupiter will flood you with gratitude for what you already have; there will be many wonderful stories of unity consciousness and greater equality among all the people this season. This is a time when some will take and some will give, and it is be a great moment to read the story of Christ multiplying the bread and wine during the marriage of Cana.

Uranus newly direct in 0 Aries functions like a dancing jester who distracts the "Blue Meanies" and lights up happy elves, children, and animals this holiday season. Uranus closely squares the stellium, so nothing can stop this wacky dance. This is a very important aspect because the most difficult phase of great change occurs when those in power decide they will fight it out to the bloody end. This factor will create some very funny fumbles among the Republican presidential candidates in the US as it experiences its final phase of empire. Since Uranus will exactly square Pluto seven times during 2012-15, we can be sure that the processes of change initiated during 2011 cannot be stopped. Yet, who will do it? It's you! Uranus square the Sun/Moon means it is your time to select your new role in the great leap forward. I don't mean to suggest you will join the Occupy Movement or need to do some big thing. Instead, what about fully occupying your own body by noticing an elderly neighbor in need, or a friend or child in distress?

Saturn in 28 Libra opposes Jupiter in 0 Taurus, and during this New Moon there is no planet forming a T-square to the opposition, as there was during the Sagittarius New Moon and the Winter Solstice. This means Saturn and Jupiter are free to duke it out with no interference, which should create some really interesting things. Saturn in Libra is the struggle for justice and Jupiter in Taurus teaches us to manifest things, and because Jupiter is newly direct, it predominates. In opposition, the highest and lowest potential of each planet comes out, so this is where individual choice comes in. The stress between total truth and fairness and the need to be comfortable can function in a range from a leering snake-oil salesman to a judge who handles a case so magnificently that both the victim and victimizer feel fairly treated. Each one of us has various dilemmas and responsibilities, and this opposition will play out through these parts of our lives. Jupiter is moving forward and Saturn will make it to 29 Libra before it retrogrades in February 2012. So, use this last "push" by these levelers of material reality that first began activating us back in mid-August 2010.

Venus in 5 Aquarius, the planet that formed the head of the T-square to Jupiter opposite Saturn, plays a very interesting role during this New Moon. In the Solstice reading, I noted that Venus T-squaring Jupiter opposite Saturn pushed the struggle for grounding and fairness into the zone of the feminine. Now two days later, Venus has moved enough to separate from Saturn yet she still squares Jupiter. Hmmmmm! Venus will demand material support and not be so concerned about fairness, which could be interesting. Women will feel stressed, since squares on their own are very intense. With Venus sextile Uranus, the trickster may emerge when you least expect him. Maybe some of the women returning from serving in Iraq will speak out about the futility of war? Lastly, Mercury went direct December 13 at 4 Sagittarius, and now the messenger is conjunct the lunar North Node in 14 Sagittarius. The North Node identifies our quest, which in this case is for truth and spirituality, so intelligence is added to the mix of following divine paths. During this great transformation, divine guidance will be leading the way, so take time to tune in with spirit during the chaos that the Christmas holidays often create.

Farewell Astroflash! This is my last analysis and posting. I've loved sharing my thoughts with you for eleven years and I so much appreciate each one of you for tuning in. I may issue periodic statements on and on during 2012.

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Capricorn New Moom 12/24/11
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