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 Power Path Sept. forecast 2011

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PostSubject: Power Path Sept. forecast 2011   Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:28 am

Lena Stevens

The main theme for September 2011 is Allowing.

This is a tremendous and unpredictable time of change, opportunity and resetting patterns and we have no idea how it's all going to manifest or show up. So what is called for right now is to be generously allowing of whatever is occurring to occur without resistance, fear, judgment, over processing, over identifying, over thinking or denial. "Allowing, means opening yourself up to the unknown, stretching your flexibility muscle and being neutral about whatever is happening. Allowing is not about surrender or giving up, nor is it passive. It is an active choice to let things be the way they are.

The biggest challenge this month is worry. Worry keeps you in a micromanaging position of constantly needing to track and obsess about what is going on. Worry creates a hyper vigilance that is not useful at this time and will only keep you from being able to move forward. Worry and fear are never justified and any choice or decision that is made from a place of worry or fear will set you back instead of supporting you in your greater intentions and desires.

We could say that the subtheme for the month is Trust. A great deal of trust is needed at this time in order to allow for what has been seeded and planted and nurtured to actually be able to come into full bloom. If you have seeded your intentions and tended the garden, you can trust that the plants will bloom. It does not require you to stand in vigilance worrying that they won't. We are quickly moving towards the harvest of what we have set up for ourselves as a species and global community. What comes before the harvest is seeing the full bloom of our efforts, lessons, personal and collective patterns, and the colors of what we have accomplished and what has yet to be done.

So if you have been in denial, fear, worry, resistance, negativity, complacency, ambivalence, anxiety, judgment or any other negative expression, you will see this in its fullest bloom so you can do something about it. If you have been manifesting unexpressed emotions, old patterns or suppressed anger through your body in physical conditions and symptoms, these may show up as well. If this is the case, the worst thing you can do is go into more anger, resentment, martyrdom, self-loathing, resistance or judgment. Let it be. Allow whatever it is to show up fully however it is showing up, without any resistance and from a place of deep neutrality. From there you will be able to make practical and proactive choices about the changes you need and about what should come next. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

However if you have been working on yourself and weeding out what does not serve you, setting good intentions, staying present, paying attention, taking responsibility for yourself, your health, your reactions and your patterns, then you will see the fruits of your labors and the blossoms will be big and beautiful. Continue the good work, as this time frame requires a continued focus, responsibility and showing up. Allow yourself to be flexible and resilient. Have compassion for those less fortunate without feeling the need to fix.

The times are unstable, unpredictable, chaotic and full of trends and patterns that are very new to our collective experience. We have pushed through the birth canal and now it is time to trust the current environment to fully support a new life. Allow the environment to serve you in its own way and allow yourself to be in service to whatever your essence has in store for you. This is no longer about what the personality wants but rather what the essence goals are. So get out of your own way and allow the transformation. Just as the caterpillar resists the destruction of its form, that destruction is necessary if it ever intends to be a butterfly.

This is more of a "being" month than a "doing" month. Certainly you may have energy to put into tasks and projects but the motivation and support for their accomplishment comes from a place of being rather than a place of doing and effort. Because of the unpredictability of the times, things may manifest in very unusual ways if you allow them to. This requires putting your fixed ideas about how it should be done aside so that something new can emerge. It is a good month to revisit all of your intentions and determine whether you have enough flexibility to allow a new way of manifesting.

The other challenge this month is to stay positive in the face of so much fear, negativity, martyrdom and discouragement. Staying positive takes discipline. Not effort, just discipline.

How to stay positive:

Always acknowledge a higher order, a bigger picture and a greater plan to anything that feels like a setback, unfair, limiting or contrary to your highest intentions.

Remind yourself daily that you and only you create everything you experience, and usually for a good reason that you may not be able to see just yet.

Allow for the positive things to come into your life as well as the challenges. Just because others may be challenged does not mean you have to join them.

Be inspired by, rather than fearful of, the possibilities and the opportunities that change provides.

Be willing, be allowing, be trusting, be flexible, be in humor, and be delighted.

When you take responsibility for your own blossoms and harvest you come from a place of power. If you are in the drivers seat you can determine where you go next. So if you don't like what you see, know that you have the power to change it. If you like what you see, don't get arrogant. Just be grateful.

How the month shows up:


If you are disappointed, allow yourself to be disappointed but don't indulge. If you are joyful for no "reason", allow yourself that joy even if your neighbor is in despair. If you are fearful or worried or anxious or any of the other negatives mentioned, allow whatever the cause to simply be there with neutrality and trust.

For some of you this may be an easy month where you are inspired by the change and the possibilities. Be careful you don't over do it and create such a huge change for yourself and those around you that you trigger your own survival mechanism in a negative way. On the other hand, some of you may feel so neutral that you may even consider that nothing is happening at all. If that is the case, you are holding the position of being in the eye of the storm. Recognize this as a service to those who are struggling. If you are confused, know it will pass. The best course of action is "wait and see".

It is time to think outside the box and allow things to manifest and magnetize in delightfully weird and unusual ways. Strive for humor, wonder and inspiration.


Keep good communication. Communication is where things could break down as each individual's reality becomes more fluid and elastic. Community is of the utmost importance in these times and there will be a greater desire to build community among like-minded people that are trustworthy and supportive. Relationships create the base of any project or organization and you will be more likely to gravitate to work and environment based on community and relationships that anything else.

Never make assumptions. Especially now when change is afoot, it is a good time to bring into the present your important relationships and reset priorities where needed. Make sure that whom you choose to be around is really on the same page. There is a sorting and sifting process going on now much like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter stories. This affects relationships in a big way. If you are not with the right person or in the right community, your essence will find an efficient way to sort you right out of the situation.

In terms of the theme of "allowing", it is important to allow people to be where they are in their process and to allow yourself to make the choices you need to make and to be wherever you are in your own process.


Unpredictable, unstable, fascinating and inspiring. Allow the weather to do whatever it is going to do. Allow the earth to express however she chooses to express. Allow yourself to be flexible in your plans. Allow yourself to find a place of acceptance and comfort with the instability and unpredictability. There are certain predictions coming to pass that include phenomena such as comet activity and solar flares that are putting a strain on the gravitational forces that have affected our magnetic fields, sense of balance and stability. No one really knows what the actual physical effects will be on the environment. The best preparation is to be hydrated with flexibility, trust, and the light of spirit so that you can be a supple reed that bends in the wind.

These are exciting times and any drama that manifests in the environment brings a download of energy that can be channeled either into fear or into creativity. We suggest creativity. It is much more useful.


As mentioned before, the physical body can manifest unexpressed emotions and undigested energies in the form of physical symptoms. Watch for issues around digestion, bladder, kidneys, liver and gall bladder, pancreas and lymph. Some of you may have issues around the adrenals as well. The body is attempting to process change physically and will show you what is up for you very concretely. There also may be issues with joints, bones and teeth as old patterns are being released.

It is a tough time for the body and you may feel more aches and pains than usual. Pay attention to the body and treat it with gratitude and respect. Beware of buying into a concrete diagnosis on any condition as the symptoms could disappear on their own as we move through this time and as you deal with your own process.

Drink plenty of water, more than usual. This is a water year and water should be seen as an ally helping you to keep things moving.


What seemed impossible may all of a sudden be possible especially if you allow things to manifest in unexpected ways. On the other hand what seemed stable, long lasting, firm, concrete and rooted, may all of a sudden dissolve into thin air. Be flexible and allow. This is a time to practice trusting that where one door closes another one will surely open. It is a month to dream big and think outside the box without having to know or micromanage how it will all happen. Take advantage of the fact that the membrane that gives our physical reality definition is porous and elastic right now and can be easily breached giving access to a greater part of the quantum field. Literally anything is possible if you allow and you trust.

Be careful what you ask for. Since we are in an accelerated time, you can manifest quicker, you can change more rapidly and you can dissolve or destroy almost overnight. So be careful what you ask for, as you will likely manifest it hugely. It is a good month to bring in prosperity, to see projects explode and expand in a positive way, to deal with issues around abundance and deserving, and to experience success. Approach it all from a place of allowing and trust.


Practice allowing what you cannot change. Practice trusting that all is perfectly aligned and as it should be for the larger picture to manifest. Stay out of resistance especially when reading the news. Have compassion for ignorance. Have acceptance for the lessons of others and keep intending for your higher intentions to be realized.

The trends in politics and for global issues will revolve around truth, communication, integrity, community and priorities. Global events will continue to shape choices, decisions and growth. A reminder here for all that evolution only goes in one direction even if it seems at times to backslide. We are at the brink of some very big stuff. It will be interesting to witness its unfolding.

Dates and Time Frames:

September 1-7: A time of pulling ones energy inward and focusing on what is close to home and in your own environment. You may be feeling fatigued and low in energy. Diminish your expectations of what you "should" accomplish. There is a lot going on energetically as the magnetic field is being recalibrated. This has the effect of making you feel somewhat off focus and slightly brain dead. It is OK to feel spaced out and inefficient. Just allow it to be so.

You will have to watch Martyrdom and Self-deprecation during this time. If you ever come up with the "why me?" question, counteract this with the answer, "because I created it for a very good reason that maybe only spirit knows right now". Then let it be.

This is a good time frame also to be in community and to feel all the support that is always there.

September 8-15: The fruits and flowers of your labors, lessons, choices and behaviors are in full bloom. You get to see what you have manifested. If you are pleased, keep up the good work. If you are not, you may have to go and plant some new seeds. Whatever you do, do not fall into despair, self-loathing or negativity. Pick yourself up with compassion and forgiveness, set new intentions and allow things to be different.

It is very important at this time not to compare yourself to any one else or to any other standard except your own. Everyone is at a different level and stage in their own development. Part of the freedom need of the times demands for the mold to crumble allowing for greater diversity, acceptance and appreciation for the unique and different expression of each individual in the global community.

There is a great relief in letting go of the need to conform or to live up to someone else's standard, and there is great healing in this realization and in allowing that old pattern to dissolve.

September 12: Full Moon at 3:27AM Mountain Daylight Time. Honor the blossoms and the fruits you have grown. Acknowledge your creativity and your power in whatever you have manifested for yourself. Be neutral and allowing around what is in your life. Be accepting of all situations. Take a bit of time around this full moon to sit in gratitude. It is very easy in times of turbulence to get myopic around what is not working, what you have lost or what you don't have. Focus on the positive and trust.

September 16-22: This time can be marked by confusion. You may feel like you ought to be doing something differently, you may be confused by your own reactions or the reactions of others, you may not know whom to believe, you may not know what to do, you may question, distrust, doubt and be very unsure about everything. You may not know how you feel except perhaps like you have been hit over the head with a large Zen stick. You may be stunned by events or disappointed by sudden changes. Practice allowing, non-resistance and neutrality.

In times of confusion the best remedy is to simplify and go with what you know and can trust. If your morning routine of practices and rituals brings you a sense of rightness, do it daily with gratitude and appreciation. Remember you do not need to know. Knowing, as in having the intellectual information, is highly overrated. There is no confusion when you do not need to know.

September 23: Fall Equinox is at 3:05AM Mountain Daylight Time. Think of this as the beginning of a new year and of a new time frame. This gives you an opportunity to redesign your intentions especially if what you have been manifesting is not what you want. Allow trends in your life to show up to teach you what not to repeat. Allow great and surprising gifts to show up as well.

Take time for yourself and ritualize this equinox by using the spirit of fire to burn something symbolically that you are really and truly ready to be done with. Allow it to burn and be destroyed once and for all. Remember that whatever you do for yourself you do for all your relations and has a ripple effect on the planet as well.

September 23-30: Things become accelerated here to the point of a runaway train. There is no way to track, to keep track, to control, to stay organized or to make sense of anything. Enjoy the chaos and be amused at the discomfort it brings. Allow the winds to blow. There will be plenty of time to rake up the leaves later. Find humor in the eccentricity of random events. Appreciate the creativity. Be inspired by the change. Don't sweat the small stuff. Empower yourself with flexibility. Learn something new. Focus on your own growth. Allow everything and everyone to be just exactly where they are. Turn you face into the wind and breathe in the change.

The time frame allows for higher centered experiences of truth, love and energy if one is willing to allow them in. This takes letting go of how you want it to be and letting it be how it is. The expansion that comes with this allows access to the higher centers especially around the equinox and around the new moon.

September 27: New Moon at 5:09 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Focus on just being. Expand into neutrality, don't take anything personally and enjoy being still. A visit to the higher centers is possible. Make time for it.

This is also a good day for a review of the month and a truthful review of where you are on your path. Make a wish list from the place of innocence much like writing a letter to Santa Claus. Remember to be careful what you ask for.

Have a wonderful month!

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Power Path Sept. forecast 2011
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