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 Message from the masters Aug. 30, 2011

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PostSubject: Message from the masters Aug. 30, 2011   Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:30 pm

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

Ansi, Anshallah, Asi, Asi, Asi
Immense Greetings From the Light, With the Light and Within the Light
We greet you. As we have spoken previously, it is a time in all of creation when alignments are coming together, star gates are reopening after millennia of dormancy, energies are changing swiftly as is the consciousness within al of creation. As all of these events take place and continue in their processes, so do the changes in you and your world.
You must remember that everything in creation is indelibly intertwined and relative. There is nothing that is excluded in the infinite tapestry of the One. As the changes occur, all things are changed. As all things are changed, changes occur. You might consider that all cause results in an effect. In recent events, these effects are monstrous in relation to the human experience.
You are seeing these changes in the form of weather patterns shifting and intensifying. Also, seismic activities as we predicted, are intensifying and changing in their locations as well as the types of events you are witnessing. We are given that there will soon be a seismic occurrence in the region of Alaska that will also have some unusual characteristics. You see, for every seismic event, movement of your earth’s crust, there must be a percussive reaction. A percussive reaction can happen anywhere but is usually found at the end of the wave patterns of the movement of the earth. Often this happens across your ring of fire. When an event happens on one side of the Pacific Ocean, another will happen in response on the other side of the ocean. What is different now is that the responsive earthquakes you are witnessing are happening in previously unknown fault areas or areas of compression. You will see more of this in the coming times, particularly the next 9 months.
As your earth responds to multi-dimensional events, so do your bodies. Many of you have felt the changes in your consciousness, as if you are opening to different types of perceptions and energies. Different kinds of awareness, and perhaps even glimpses of how to use the current and coming energies as greatly expanded versions of all you have known to this now.
Historically, certain geometric patterns have been paramount to form and function of the energy sets. Now, as you enter into the expanded aspects of your current shifts, the geometric patterns are merging in more complex patterns, taking on complex lives of their own, so to speak. As the form and function of the geometries change, so does the way energy effects you. It becomes nearly tangible at times. The energies can accomplish great change and manifestations simply by having awareness of them. As you become aware of the new patterning’s so do the patterning’s become part of your make up - your existence, your consciousness.
When these types of changes happen, you become reharmonized beyond anything you have ever known or experienced. As you do, your consciousness becomes first alert and then aware that something is different, something has changed. Then, your perceptions begin to occur and your reality shifts.
Of course all of this happens in the blink of an eye, but in human experience, may seem like a process that is incomprehensible at first.
What you must know is that the changes you are experiencing are not of a linear nature. In fact they are beyond holographic, for as the patterning’s change, new and different dimensions and levels of reality are formed. Instead of a cognitive experience, your changes are becoming you. Becoming part of your energy fields, and therefore part of who you are. What you believe to be a distant, separate part of you is literally within you as you are within it.
Knowing this, knowing that you are the consciousness within the living One, and it is the consciousness of you, you become of the flow. Not within it, not aside it, but a fluid aspect of all that is in its infinite and ongoing changes.
We have said previously that:
The next event will be the opening of the Renari Star Gate system which will begin in your August of the current year. This opening will be overlapped by the opening of the Leioni star gate system which will begin on September 9th of your current year. The tandem opening of these systems will be like a hot wind of energy flowing onto your world.
The Renari star gate system has begun its awakening after many millennia of slumber. As it begun you felt a temporary vacuum effect, as if all had become still, as if there was little or no communication universally. That is, of course, far from truth, but the energy effects as the star gate opens and the energy pathways change, pulling in powerful streams of energy that serve to continue the opening process, alters the flow patterns of energies coming to you. This, as we said, is temporary. The energy streams have begun to widen in the past week, stirring up things in your world, as you have seen with the earthquakes and storms. This is only the beginning of effects these two star gate systems will have in your world.
On September 9th, as the Leioni star gate system opening converges with the changes already beginning, there will be a three month intensification of energy effects in your world. You will see more and greater uprisings, particularly in the Middle East. You will see t least four more earthquake events that are of a remarkable nature, and there will be oddities and intensities in your weather extremes. These effects will calm down beginning in January of your next year. You may also witness events in the Euro Nations that will be intense but short lived.
In order to sustain your balance during these times, you must remember not to take the coming events personally, even thought at times they might feel very personal. Instead of succumbing to drama and trauma mentality, open your hearts and souls to the greater picture. What is happening is a blessing to humanity and all other aspects of creation. It is a great shift. It is the times that you have been seeking to create, to experience. In order for the shifts to take place, there must always be changes. Chaos, as we have said, always leads to magnificence!
Maintaining internal balance during any shift can be a challenge for human beings. This is because you find so much depth of emotion and reactivity to what is happening around you. In order to experience change in a comfortable and peaceful manner, begin to know yourselves more fully. Know yourselves intimately. Know what is true to you and what is the illusion. It is the illusion that causes the trauma and drama, not the reality. What is real is that you have free will, the ability to make and maintain choices in every given moment, and that all else, that which is outside of you is both a common occurrence as the common consciousness projects its frustrations as realities and as the universal energies escalate in their intensities, it can often feel as if the sensations are very personal.
Becoming aware of your internal world is paramount to maintaining your balance. Many of you are feeling what is projected within the common consciousness. Some of you feel helpless or sad, some of you feel angry and don’t know why. The truth is that if you want to change how you feel change the consciousness. Project how you will feel when you have reached the reality of experience that you desire. If you desire peace, then project yourselves feeling peace, compassion, understanding, and love. If you want unity then project unity, commonality, compassion, love and joy in all others as well as yourselves. If you want love of your fellow human beings, then project unity, peace, joy, and above all love. But do these things from a sense of belonging, not trying to belong. That is the illusion. You have always belonged except perhaps in your perceptions.
How you fit, how you belong, how you coexist and come together as vital aspects of the greater one, has everything to do with the realization of who you are, and that you are powerful and perfect beings of creation, destined to live your lives of choice and depth, of greatness even in the smallest of moments and details. Greatness is not an achievement; it is a way of being, as is Love.
We are grateful for the opportunity to experience and assist you in this now. Be in peace.
End of transmission.
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Message from the masters Aug. 30, 2011
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