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 Pay attention to the animals in your life

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PostSubject: Pay attention to the animals in your life   Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:39 pm

Take notice of the animals in your life at this moment - A Message from Gaia
Channeled by: Julie Miller

Dearest children, I come to you to speak of the animals that are in your life. I do not only mean the ones you have chosen to be your pet, but the ones that are living outside in the wild.

The pets you have right now have chosen to be with you. Yes, even animal type pets choose their owners when the person thinks they are choosing the pet. Sounds much like choosing a tarot deck or a crystal. These precious animals, whether your pet of choice is a cat, dog, bird, reptile, fish, etc., they drew you in to choose them but that was their way to choose you. And some of these animals you take in as pets, don't live as long as you would like them to have. And I understand your grief when they leave you, sometimes suddenly and even when they live a ripe old age, it is saddening because they were a part of you and your family. Take notice dear ones, they came into you life for many reasons and hold lessons that are just for you and those who live with you if you are not alone. Their lessons are subtle, but they are definately there dear ones.

I want to speak also of the beautiful creatures that are possibly in your backyard or nearby parks and recreation areas. Take notice dear ones of even the smallest insect also.

Why I ask of this is because the smallest of creature that comes along your path is there for a reason. I am not saying every creature out there is giving you a lesson to be learned. What I am trying to get out is the ones that purposely go right in front of you when you know they could go around you, is there to tell you something. You might be visited by a particular bird that will land right beside you or close enough for you to correctly identify it and it doesn't move away quickly, that bird has a message for you. Birds are messengers of the Divine dear ones and they do hold precious messages. Each one different. Even an insect can bring you a message.

These messages dear ones are not just to say hello, they are sent to help you with some part of your life, possibly a reminder to do something.

And some of you may live in a more rural setting and may see deer or rabbits or other such animals. These too will have something to tell you, if they make themselves known to you suddenly.

During your busy hectic lives, it is important dear ones to maintain your connection with life that is around you, not just the humans you live with and work with. When a bee comes your way when it could go around you, it is not there to sting you unless you are bothering it, it is there to say something. At that point, it becomes connected to you. My dear children of earth, you are connected to so much and some of you forget that the animals are also part of your connection.

This is meant to be a brief message dear ones. It gladdens me to talk through you with this one, and I know it will gladden you to receive this message.

Even on the wettest days, enjoy the spirit of each day. And I will remind you before I depart to take time dear ones to enjoy the simple treasures that are at your reach. Enjoy the song the birds sing in the morning and find calm in your busy lives as much as possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Pay attention to the animals in your life   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:19 pm

There is so much of this I agree with, for example; I was getting ready for Cup Match weekend here in Bermuda this past weekend and was drawn to add some pictures on my Blackberry phone of my Dog's back in Ohio. As I looked at the pictures of my two dog's, all I could think about is how much I missed them. Later that day I went to a party at a Doctors house only to find that his dog passed that morning, Something was tugging at me to load those pictures on my phone, glad I did as it helped him knowing I loved animals as much as he. I get messages all the time or little reminders from the birds that come eat out of my hand in the mornings.
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Pay attention to the animals in your life
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