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 Orion Money System

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PostSubject: Orion Money System   Orion Money System EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 10:21 am

Pitfalls and Fallacies of the Orion Monetary System

The following is an excerpt (Chapter 24) from Dr. Georgi Stankov's book, "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction: Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!". jFSmy0

CHAPTER 24. Pitfalls and Fallacies of the Orion Monetary System

Copyright 2011 Dr. Georgi Stankov, All rights reserved.

"It is a done deal that the current financial system will collapse this year [2011] within a very short period of time. In fact, the system has already collapsed more than two years ago when the Wall Street investment banking was practically wiped out from the map within a week in October 2008.

"This happened shortly after the first huge wave of Christ consciousness was released on earth and allowed for more transparency and sincerity in human relations. This information is given as evidence for the basic statement in this essay: All dramatic and sweeping changes, we experience on earth, are associated with and triggered by significant changes in the energetic structure of human beings. They weaken the shackles of all incarnated entities that have been imposed on them in a perfidious manner by the Powers That Be and open them for the transcendental truth of All-That-Is....

"The release of Christ consciousness on earth is associated with the so-called Ra-Ta-experiment that is explained by the channel Cosmic Awareness in his numerous messages. The author recommends the reader to check this information in order to better understand the current situation on earth. It is one of the clearest channels this author has ever come upon.

"Unfortunately, the energizers and the group around this channel are intellectually not quite prepared for the information that has been given to them. This fact explains the redundancy in the messages and the somewhat narrow spectrum of topics discussed by this channel. For instance, the actual financial situation is not at all elaborated by this channel from a theoretical point of view, although it has made some good economic forecasts in the past.

"Nonetheless, this source is the most reliable and extensive source in Internet (over 8000 pages of channeled messages since 1975). In comparison to it, most channeled esoteric information available in Internet can only be digested, if one is prepared to commit an intellectual hara-kiri before reading it.

"The author mentions the Ra-Ta-experiment at the beginning of his discussion, because it gives the reader a clue as to when the financial system is expected to collapse this year. In anticipation of this event, a theoretical analysis of the factors that will lead to this crash may appear to be of secondary importance. It is quite probable that the financial crash will happen before this essay will be published.

"The second wave of Christ consciousness was released in late autumn 2009, shortly before the final period of earth Ascension - 2010 to 2012 (last triad) - has begun. In this context the last year was a preparation for what will be manifested this year.

"The final third wave of Christ consciousness has commenced this year and will reach its peak around spring equinox. The current revolution in Egypt is the first eruptive manifestation of this wave, which is closely associated with the history of this ancient country, although Christ energies flood the whole planet. It is expected that the Egyptian revolution will spread out to many other Arab countries and destroy the fragile balance of the current World Order as designed by the dark forces. One very probable consequence will be the disruption of oil supply to the West from the Middle East.

"This event may trigger the financial crisis that has many fathers, but one mother - the world inflation, the unprecedented bubble in money supply that has undermined the foundations of the world economy. This inflation has been deliberately instigated by the dark forces and their proxies in the financial corporations by creating money out of debt and thin air in order to impoverish humanity and establish the New World Order. This has been the pronounced aim of the Powers That Be in the last several decades. This effort has exacerbated during the first decade of the third millennium.

"Before the author begins with the analysis of the nefarious methods that the dark forces have employed in the past to destroy the financial system and the economy of mankind in order to enslave it, he would like to point out that their plan to establish the New World Order has already failed.

"However, this does not mean that the financial system will not collapse. It will collapse to a much greater extent than the dark forces and their financial proxies, the banksters on Wall Street and in London city, have planned for. Instead of achieving the intended impoverishment of the masses, first and foremost, of the middle class, the financial Elite will be buried under the rubble of the upcoming financial tsunami. Precisely, they will lose very soon all their monies and power, and all their institutions, such as banks, funds, securitizations, stock exchanges, central banks, etc. will be abolished forever. In this way they will lose their financial leverage of manipulating humanity prior to Ascension.

"As the national states have also been designed by the hidden governments to promote the New World Order on the long run, they will also financially collapse this year [2011]. In other words, there will be no more criminal bailouts to save the dark ones at the expense of the taxpayers as means of enslaving the latter. The abolishment of the national states as operative units - the nations will remain - will be associated with the collapse of the health care system, rental system, and all other forms of human securities that have been promoted by the Powers That Be as part of the Orion monetary system with the objective to hold the people firm in their grip.

"These institutions have been deliberately implemented to stimulate the survival (self-preservatory) fears of the masses about their future, as the current political discussion in the USA on the new health care reform of Obama clearly demonstrates. All these wrong concepts and structures stem originally from the primary idea of separation from the Whole and from hiding the fact that humans are unlimited powerful creators of their destiny, who are also responsible for the astral regulation of their bodies, so that no bank accounts or obsolete medical treatments can protect them from calamities, if the soul has a different plan from that of the incarnated entity.

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Orion Money System
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