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 Incarnated Angels and Starpeople

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PostSubject: Incarnated Angels and Starpeople   Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:27 am

Incarnated Angels and Starpeople
By Doreen Virtue

People have come from all over the universe to live upon earth. In my
private psychic counseling practice, I've been able to get to know
many people whose origins are not of this earth. I've learned that
there are many incarnated extraterrestrials (ETs), angels, and
walk-ins upon the planet right now.

The first time I worked with an incarnated ET-what I call a "star
person," I was startled. She defied all of my stereotypes about
extraterrestrials. She looked a lot like an ordinary person (although
there are some subtle, but key physical distinctions among star
people, that I've listed below). Yet, until I psychically discerned
that she was working with a spacecraft, I had no clue that she wasn't
from the earth.

When I told my client that I was seeing her working and traveling on a
large spacecraft, she readily agreed. She, unlike some of my
subsequent star person clients, was very aware of her originations.
Since working with this first star person, I've had the opportunity to
work with a dozen more and I found some interesting patterns among them:

1.Star people have eyes that are shaped like crescents with the bars
pointing down, such as on a letter "n."
Think of Bette Midler's eyes, and you've got the picture. Most
incarnated star people have small bones, and are thin and short in
stature. They tend to have very plain facial features, and most of
them dress very casually. They have auras with stripes pointing away
from the body, with the colorings of rainbows.

2.Their life purposes are to "help as needed."
They don't usually have a specific life purpose, but instead, they've
agreed to help whomever needs help. So, they frequently have ordinary
jobs where they can reach a lot of people through their encouraging
words and uplifting attitudes.

3.They have very little tolerance for dishonesty and violence.
They came from planets where these traits are nonexistent, so they do
not know how to cope with humans who are inauthentic, manipulative, or
violent. Because of this lack of "coping skills" with common earth
problems, incarnated ETs are often mislabeled with psychiatric
disorders, including attention deficit disorder (ADD).

4.Because their planets have different customs about family life,
childbirth, reproduction, and sex, many star people don't contract to
have earthly marriages or children.
They feel out-of-sync with the typical American romantic images,
because this isn't their style. In addition, they know that family
life would interfere with the lightwork that they contracted to do
during their lifetime. Very often, female star persons fall in love
with a much-younger man, who is a soul mate from their star group.

5. Star people know, deep down, that they aren't from the earth.
They often spend their lives feeling like they don't fit-in or belong
here. One star person said, "I've always had this sense that I was
dropped off here, on this planet, and I've been waiting for someone to
return and take me home." Such feelings bring up issues of abandonment
for star people.

The other people whom I've gotten to know in my private practice is
the incarnated angels. They, too, have distinguishing characteristics:

1. Incarnated angels have "sweet" facial features, usually with a
heart-shaped face and childlike features.

2. They have a history of "codependent" relationships, because of
their predisposition to giving and nurturing others. They also can see
the best in everyone, so they often stay in abusive relationships
longer than the average person would tolerate.

3. Incarnated angels often have histories of compulsive overeating, or
other addictions. This is especially true for angels who are
disconnected from their spirituality.

4. They are natural healers and helpers, and often have healing
professions such as nursing, massage therapy, social work, or
teaching. Strangers pour out their hearts to them, and often say, "I
don't know why I'm telling you such private things about myself.
There's just something about you that I feel I can trust."

5. Incarnated angels are very generous people who sometimes have
difficulty in receiving. Consequently, they can manifest lack in their
lives by blocking the flow of money, love, energy, and other natural
resources, from coming into their lives.

Both groups - the star people and incarnated angels - are highly
intuitive. Yet, they often have difficulty trusting their intuition.
Partially, this comes from years of trying to adapt to earth life.
After all, the customs here are so foreign to their natural
inclinations, that star people and incarnated angels eventually learn
to discount their inner feelings.

If you wonder whether you belong to either one of these groups, then
your inner guidance can tell you more. Before you go to sleep, say
this affirmation to your higher self and spiritual group: "Please give
me a dream with clear messages about my origin, that I will easily
remember upon awakening." You might also write this phrase on some paper and place it under your pillow. When your subconscious is emotionally prepared, you will have a vivid lucid dream that will help you to understand more about yourself. Star people and incarnated angels have many gifts to give to the world, including love, light, and lessons. My prayer is that, if you are among these groups, you will allow yourself to enjoy your time on this planet.

I hope that you will open your heart to receiving the gifts that earth and her population can give to you, too.
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PostSubject: Re: Incarnated Angels and Starpeople   Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:14 pm


does this mean I'm in denial or ............ clueless

I have the book I enjoyed it
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PostSubject: Re: Incarnated Angels and Starpeople   Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:18 pm

This answers something but leads to many questions.
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PostSubject: Re: Incarnated Angels and Starpeople   Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:49 pm

Well that last thing at the end never worked, I didn't have a lucid dream at all >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Incarnated Angels and Starpeople   

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Incarnated Angels and Starpeople
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