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 This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)

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PostSubject: This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:03 pm

I thought it was time for me to let you know what I look like, Willy you already know. I was born and raised in Hamilton County Ohio just outside of Cincinnati on the Indiana and Kentucky border.

I live and work in Hamilton Bermuda. Why do I live outside of the US, Work! My mother is a Bermuda Citizen, living in the US. Most all of my relatives on my mom's side still reside in Bermuda, so I have plenty of family to lean on when I feel the need.

I have four Children,

Sarah Nicole age 25, lives in Minilla Philippines and is in a Pop band that travels all over Asia and the Middle East.

Joshua Ryan age 23 lives at my house in Ohio, Still has Job, and is going to College at the present time.

Andrea Rochelle age 17, Senior in High School and does not know how to say no to Tattoo's and piercings.

Morgan Rachell age 13 going on 30, is in Eight grade this year, does not want any Tattoo's or Piercings. She is very musically inclined and has a beautiful singing voice, and is just fantastic on the piano and keyboard.

I have been married to my lovely wife Diane Marie for thirty two years and have the most wonderful relationship that anyone could ask for. We met each other at the age of thirteen and knew then that we would be married one day and adopt a child.

Turned out we could not have children at first, so we adopted our son Joshua Ryan when he was just six days old.

My oldest child Sarah Nicole is Philippino, she came about when my wife and I were going through some problems in our relationship that we sorted out.

Diane has been very Sensitive with the gift of seeing from a very early age, so there is probably nothing that I have not seen or talked about with her when it comes to physic phenomina or ability.

I have been given a gift of seeing, feeling, and who knows what else, but it was welcomed with open arms by me. I just want to thank everyone that has helped me here in one way or another and feel at home on this site.

By the way, I am an Elevator Service Tech here in Bermuda, I work on things now that go up and down safely instead of things that go up and down and then go Boom.
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Number of posts : 236
Age : 58
Location : Homeless
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Registration date : 2007-08-25

PostSubject: Re: This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:44 pm

Osiris, In keeping with the spirit of this theme, my name is Robert John Moore. I was born 01/02/61 in Cooperstown NY. Son of Robert Moore and Carolyn Moore. I had a wonderful childhood till the age of eight and then my world was rocked, big time, and was transplanted in North Hollywood Cali.
I shortly moved to Tarzana and began adapting to life away from what I knew.
I had a tremendous love for the ocean and later became a diving instructor.
Around the age of fourteen I had a Karate instructor that taught me breathing technics and shortly there after my spiritual quest began.
I dabbled in conscious altering substances for awile and found that I wanted the same result without them
I got my wish. In fact I got more than I could have imagined at the tender age of twenty one.
Ever since I have been piecing together the phenomenal experiences of those days and growing along the way.
I garnered construction skills along the way and have been able to pay my way, most of my way, with those skills.
I have been maried twice and had a number of what I would call serious relationships but none of them stuck.
Each one had their value for my life and I've grown from each one.
I've never had my own children and it doesn't look like I will in this life. It wasn't for lack of trying...He
I have recently been dealing with grief in my family over my MOm and this week I lost my 15 year old nephew to, heaven knows what...
My whole family is grieving terribly and this is all rather new to me in this life.
It has however challanged me to recommit myself to the the ones I love daily and to share with them the gifts I've been given along the way.
I know my nephew is cradled in the arms of the creative force and I also know that there are forces he is familiar with that cradle his spirit.
I want to thank you, Osiris, for opening yourself up in this way because I would not have thought to otherwise
Blessed be the the truth givers for they hold the light for the rest to Fallow.

"Like attracts Like"
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Number of posts : 346
Age : 60
Location : Hamilton, Bermuda
Registration date : 2007-08-06

PostSubject: Re: This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:35 pm

Really Cool TwoHawks,
This post did what I intended it to do, have people see a part of my life and reciprocate about their own.

I know you have been dealing with those aspects in life that we all have to adjust to, but we get through these things with the help of our loved one's and through it all, brings us closer in spirit. My prayers are for your mother's health and for you and your family. I am sorry to hear about your nephew, he is in good hands I do know.

I had to tell my wife last week that her Uncle was going to pass and also that her Aunt would pass this week. The Aunt was married to the Uncle. What really makes this situation bad, the daughter of the Aunt and Uncle also lost her Mother in Law the same day she lost her Mom. My wife's cousin is really taking it pretty hard with the loss of her Mom, Dad, and Mother in Law all within a weeks time.

I had knowledge of all of this before it actually took place, I had told my wife what day's to take off of work so she could be there for the visitation and Funerals of each person.

Relationships are special Twohawks, we gain something from every one of them reguardless of the outcome.

May your New Year bring you and your's peace and prosperity.
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Wild Dove
Wild Dove

Number of posts : 1312
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Location : Urthland
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Registration date : 2007-12-21

PostSubject: ANOTHER POEM FOR OSIRIS JAMES   Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:38 pm

Patrolling The Beach
by White Eagle

What's up, doc?
I said to Little Bear
As he jumped up upon The Bed of Dreams I was laying on
Time to fulfill our mission
Walk our talk, you know, the shoreline between beauty and passion
Patrol The Beaches, bubbah

Dude, we already did that
Let me list and sleep away
These dreams of peace and comfort
They aren't meant to be tossed, or meant to cease.

I know that, Wild Dove, my love
I am only doing what I've been told.
Its our mission to share them with the native folk
Who roamed this Island centuries ago.

Yeah, but how many times do you have to pee?
I think you're just trying to get me to
Get up and play with you.

Whatever, why not!

We went down to The River together.
Indeed my dream of contentment, peace and wonder
Was felt everywhere.

The Air was cool and fresh
The Rain had left its worth
On The Island's sandy surf
It seemed to have taken the thoughts of pain and misery with it
Only Contentment and Satisfaction remained
The perfume of peace lingered on
The misty path of a raging river now calm
Ancient footsteps we walked upon.

He, with his pee, me with my prayers
Patrolling the river, the stream, the shore and the land in between
Holding things Sacred, continuing our dream.
How the farmer folk and the pagan folk on the Island
Maintain a permanent truce
To hold the space sacred so that
Developers couldn't touch it.
Allowing bird and animal refuge
Mingle with farmland crops
No further defacing for any reason but trust
That the geese, the bobolink, the duck and the crow
The beaver and the weasel
Deer and frog
Could continue to bathe in luxury
Amidst the consumerism and greed the other side seemed to log and thrive on
Here we had our needs, our pleasures met by setting all that aside
Astride Sacred steeds
With prayer, with determination
Hanging on to the last remains of freedom for man and beast to ride together
Vibrant and alive.

Yep, that was our mission: To patrol the beach, patrol The Island to keep the beauty within reach.

A powerful yet simple prayer, warrior-man
To honor while you walked the prayers in the sand
The sticks for staffs of masters who've trodded here before
Stones and feathers for masts of Commander's Ships of Plenty
Masts for sails unfurled
The Spirit-ships the ancestors used to patrol these shores with..
The Chinook people watched you dream
They called you back to the shoreline
It may seem insignificant
But in fact its part of the Sacred scheme
To renew the Island of Healing and refuge
Its always been.

Even this poem is a part of the scene
The play about to unfold is just the beginning
Of The return to Significance
A return to Serenity and Joy
To Plenitude without sorrow
Fulfillment without need
The return to glory of every Ship and Steed, every tree and every seed
The willingness to wonder and the Acceptance of Awareness
Of every sister and brother animal, human and plant
Every root yearning to nourish the tree it supports
Every droplet of rain, every breath of the air
To fill your days with beauty galore
Sweet aromas, perfumed adornment
For every purpose, every room
A neighbor's hovel, home, nest or throne
All will find unity together one day
To live in sacred harmony once more
You think its merely a matter of dreaming and praying,
But the getting up off the bed of comfort and walking down to the river
Gives the ancestors renewed hope and faith
In the human condition,
That used to shatter and shake the sacred space slivver by slivver.

We hear your longing for the return to love and grace
Its by your willingness to face the elements of your own destruction
And replace them with re-construction and the remaining Sacred Space you once plundered
Keeping the dark develepers and consumers of modern waste and greed from trashing the place all over again.

Thank you for hearing our prayers as we hear yours too.
We're all in it together, we and you
One day, you'll see. You'll never regret Little Bear jumping up on your bed
And asking you to patrol and fulfill the mission
Of putting it back together
What a beautiful wedding lies ahead.
What a beautiful feast we, The Ancestors, The Salmon and The Chinook People
Have in store for you
Simply because you got up out of your bed of comfort
To breach the Storm, to walk this beach as often as you do

It was once our homeland, we The Chinook People
And now it is all coming back to you, to us and to our descendants, ten-fold
Aho, beautiful brother. Hang in there. Others will soon follow
You'll see.
Soon they too will be free
Free to be vibrant and alive, allowing Our Mother and Our Mother's creatures thrive.
Wildlife refuges, the little brooks, the lakes and the streams such as these is how it was meant to be
There's more to just maintaining to survive.
Simply patrolling the sacred shoreline, praying as you walk
Says more than you'll ever know.
Even seeing how LittleBear continues to pee everywhere he walks
He is keeping cougar and coyote from interrupting the sacred talk
The gulls, the deer and the owls will convene this night and throughout the week.
There's lots more that goes on every night, for that matter, while you sleep.
We have our reasons. Thank you for keeping them sacred without asking how and why
This too adds power to empowerment,
To work and play in fervent faith even though all this may be new to you.
We appreciate it many times over. One day you will know The Ancestors full intentions,
And what it means, rolling in clover
For now, we are simply grateful you choose to sustain the energy and keep the wisdom fire aflame.
Aho! Again and again!

Blessings to all of you, dear children of the light
Who hear our call to make things right
To hoist the sails of wonder
And dive in deep down under
To flutter the wings of faith
Then take off in undaunted, daring flight
To reach the light of another day
One that so many are wary of
Too scared to face the fact that they might succeed
In bringing down the power
To yoke the Sacred Steed with golden reins and burdens light
To travel the Sunlight Of Beauty instead of
The Darkness of Fear and Fright!


"We are All Giving Birth to Each Other" -Anais Nin
"Not all of us are eagles, yet we all are sky dancers" -Dancing Dog to Willy TwoHawk.
"At night there are millions of galaxies. During the day there is the beauty of friends dancing at their wedding to each other." -Rumi
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Number of posts : 346
Age : 60
Location : Hamilton, Bermuda
Registration date : 2007-08-06

PostSubject: Re: This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)   Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:50 pm

Thank you Willy, so inspiring and it was as if I walked along with you and Littlebear.
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PostSubject: Re: This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)   

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This is me, James Raymond Richards (Osiris)
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