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 Astrological Influences for 8-5-07

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PostSubject: Astrological Influences for 8-5-07   Sun Aug 05, 2007 9:45 am

Daily Cosmic Calendar
Provided by

By Mark Lerner - Easy does it! The largest planet in the solar system -- Jupiter -- is about to shift from reverse to forward on Monday night, but right now it is virtually motionless. This pausing of Jupiter should make you think twice about the launching of large-scale activities in almost any field of endeavor. This sense of caution is amplified today around 2:21PM PDT during the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (energizing 14 degrees of Leo and Taurus). Nip a crisis or challenging situation in the bud - before it has time to grow into something highly difficult and dangerous. Cut through obstacles on the mental and even spiritual planes of expression. Veer away from stubborn attitudes that keep you chained at the psychic doghouse with your tail between your legs. If you are looking for breakthroughs in consciousness and healing, the annual Sun-Chiron polarity from Leo to Aquarius may fill the bill (1:22PM PDT). While this opposition happens in the afternoon, it provides welcome intellectual illumination and enlightening brainstorms throughout the day and night. Meditation, soul-searching, yoga sessions and visits to sacred centers are favored. The world of nature beckons you with open arms while the Moon continues moving through earthy Taurus and also conjuncts the largest asteroid -- Ceres -- at 11:20PM PDT. Your productivity can skyrocket this evening. Cooking, baking, arts and crafts, and sharings with pets and maternal figures look promising. You may also want to explore metaphysical, scientific, astronomical and high-tech realms due to an intensive Mercury-Uranus 135-degree link (10:28PM PDT). Get set for a potent start to the workweek on Monday.
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PostSubject: Re: Astrological Influences for 8-5-07   Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:09 pm

This is from Astrological Musings ( Jupiter stationary now *intensifies* expansion and growth... first inwardly, and then outwardly.


The Jupiter Station

Kenna asked me about the Jupiter station which is occurring now before Jupiter turns direct on Monday. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since November of 2006 where the relentless optimism of Jupiter in its own sign has been driving the US stock market to ever greater heights and creating huge expansion in the economies of other countries as well. Jupiter turned retrograde in April of 2007 and that expansion began to face some opposition from a more reality-based perspective. As it stations to turn direct its influence becomes more pronounced.

Jupiter urges us to consider expanding beyond what we normally think is possible. It drives us to formalize our sense of meaning in life into belief systems (hence its rulership over theology and ideologies in general), and in Sagittarius it encourages us to pursue possibilities which seem limitless. While retrograde, though, the influence of Jupiter slows down so that we can consider these possibilities more carefully. The tendency of Jupiter towards recklessness is checked as we look backwards to see what mistakes have been made.

As Jupiter turns direct we become more aware of its influence, especially if it aspects sensitive areas in our own charts. We have been in a heavy retrograde period with five planets plus Chiron in retrograde motion and there has been much looking back to reconsider past events. We are likely to begin to look to the future with Jupiter turning direct, and once Pluto turns direct in September we should begin to see some progress with the global conflicts that appear to be in stalemate now.
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PostSubject: Re: Astrological Influences for 8-5-07   Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:57 pm

Thank you, Wasayo. Very interesting! I just got this in an email from

Have you been dreaming of leaving work behind and taking a well-deserved vacation? Go ahead: Head for that romantic cruise or adventurous getaway. The moment is now!

Indeed, as enthusiastic Jupiter -- in the travel sign Sagittarius -- finally turns direct on August 6 and ends the retrograde period that began April 5, you'll feel inclined to free your mind and soothe your soul. Life-altering plans shelved at the start of Jupiter's retrograde need dusting off now. Better late than never; besides, you likely needed a few months to fully develop your ideas!

Jupiter loves to think big, and when this planet's hanging out in its own sign, Sagittarius, movement is more than on the agenda -- itís a priority! If you are familiar with and understand your chart, monitor Jupiter's comings and goings closely from now on. Movement in a particular house can motivate you to look at things differently, and help you become inspired.
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PostSubject: Re: Astrological Influences for 8-5-07   

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Astrological Influences for 8-5-07
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