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PostSubject: U.S.A. 2009   U.S.A. 2009 EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 4:22 pm


Predicted for the year 2007: “Beginning the end of January (2007) a long-term adjustment period regarding the nation’s money begins in January 2008. This may not be noticeable unless you are skilled at understanding the stock market, the money supply and interest rate changes. These areas begin to be tweaked now (Jan. 2007) through end of 2008.”

We just had an historic election. Let us rejoice at the new beginning and go forward with Love in our hearts and minds, and hope we make correct decisions. Let us come together to support the president-elect and his goals for the good of all and for America. If you disagree with his stated intentions or the action of congress, take courage and contact your representatives to voice your opinion, it does count. Silence is assent and silence allows those you disagree with to rule.

Jupiter goes into the sign of Aquarius on January 5, Washington DC time, through January 2010. This is the sign of the Moon of the United States and John McCain, the sign of Sarah Palin and the past life point of Barack Obama. Jupiter likes Aquarius and will increase freedom, but I think the money supply will suddenly increase. While Jupiter traveled through Capricorn this past eleven months, the money supply shrank; now it will increase and be distributed to people and groups instead of companies. I think this is called redistribution of income. Jupiter can bring excess, though, so there could be excessive demands from extreme groups. There could be a surge of popularity for Senator McCain’s and Sarah Palin, and of course other Aquarians. President Obama would be experiencing past life experiences or this life’s mistakes coming to the forefront. If mistakes, it involves radical groups. The last time this happened for him was January 1998 when he was thirty-seven years old.

Pluto goes into Capricorn January 26, 2008 through January 2024. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was between 1762 and 1777, when the Colonies were in rebellion against English taxation and trade regulations. Preceding this era, when Pluto was in the sign of Sagittarius, there were foreign wars and agitation against English rule. With Pluto in Capricorn this cycle we can expect change in the tax and trade laws. Since the energy is that of unrest, we can also expect citizen agitation. Some groups will demand the extreme, others will voice disapproval over unpopular or unconstitutional government behavior. Pluto tears down what is symbolized by the sign it travels through. In the case of Capricorn, it is traditional or structured forms that are outmoded and need to be replaced. Capricorn is the sign of Democrats, Sagittarius the sign of Republicans. This just-ended cycle of Pluto in Sagittarius saw Republican scandals surface, the downfall of Republican legislators and the seeming downfall of the Republican party. Sagittarius rules “big money” and we have just witnessed the downfall of financial manipulations and the death of financial markets. When Pluto travels through Capricorn, we should see the financial markets re-built with regulations that safeguard the money. However, Pluto can also gradually reveal scandals, especially regarding repressions, in the democratic party, similar to what happened with the Republicans.

Following is an overview of the year 2009 for the United States.

Between January 18 and January 30 there is mild unrest and financial adjustments. There could be more people trying to attend the inaugural ceremonies than room for everybody, requiring adjustments and changes. Mercury goes retrograde 11 January, which means preparations could change and there could be erratic communication. The Sun goes into Aquarius on 19 January, and the twentieth a grand day, with large happy crowds. The next day things quiet down and everybody gets down to practical business.

February 2 Jupiter is on the past life point of the United States, which is the sign of Aquarius. There could be a few days of excessive demonstrations demanding too much money, or reparations. This last happened February 2007. Note the United States and now president Obama have the sign of Aquarius on the past life point: meaning a desire to drive new policies in place. Both have their souls’ purpose: to express freedom and originality even though different from others, and the need to press forward with their goals of betterment of the community with discipline.

Venus goes retrograde 6 March and goes direct 17 April. Since Venus is the patron planet of money and it is apparently traveling backwards, expect money to be tight, and extra expenses. There can be disapproval or disillusionment of the president, cutting back of the work force and there should be prudence in the spending of the young. Credit will be tight, with new credit rules instituted. This is a prelude to the cycle that begins 2 December 2009 through the end of 2010 which is be one of monetary restraint, stress with trading partners, the workforce and a tired president.

The United States is experiencing a long adjustment period involving the press that began the middle of May through middle of June 2007. Not everything was and is being revealed in televised news due to confusing situations not fully understood. Focus dates are the middle of February 2009, third week of September 2009 and middle of December of 2009. There is fuzzy communication regarding foreign relations and trade, with more food recalls of tainted imported foods, resulting in an imbalance in trade dollars.

The nation is experiencing a strong urge towards change that began the beginning of June through end of July 2008 and continues through first week of March 2009. The planets involved reveal the change is deep, necessary and uncomfortable to the older generation, who see these changes as wild or unrealistic. Those who cannot grasp the new see it as an attack on their values. As the earth leaves one astrological age and goes into another, the change usually causes unrest and chaos. The planets involved in this urge are the patron planets of the ages of Pisces and Aquarius and they are opposing each other. Uranus, the patron planet of Aquarius is opposing Neptune, the patron planet of Pisces, piercing through its fog and revealing its outworn ideals, with fast, electrifying change. The excitement of the campaign of the president-elect is reflected with this. The caution is too much, too fast without thought of consequences.

Expect positive changes with our allies and public image beginning around April 10, 2009, again end of September 2009 and culminating end of January 2010. There could be three agreements or treaties because of a new approach. The press will be positive. It is also possible to have monetary changes begin in April, tweaked in September and finished end of January 2010. If so, it would be a freeing from regulation or restraints. The incoming administration, though, is promising monetary regulation, so it could be the regulations free up foreign trade.

The most dangerous transit of 2009 commences the beginning of March 2009 through and including the first week of May, repeats end of December 2009 and goes through October 2010. There are strong forces opposing the office of the presidency, the workforce and perhaps young people. The opposition is relentless and tries to force their point of view and methods onto others. There could be forced working conditions on the young or enforced union rules. In the extreme, someone’s life is in danger. The other scenario is a complete tearing down and restructuring of the nation’s, and maybe the world’s, monetary systems. If so, there is a strongman directing the process who denies any interference or advice. The last time this happened was in 1763 - The Proclamation of 1763, signed by King George III of England, prohibits any English settlement west of the Appalachian mountains and requires those already settled in those regions to return east in an attempt to ease tensions with Native Americans.

October 29, Washington, DC time, Saturn goes into the sign of Libra, where he is exalted. In plain language this means cooperation in relationships with the return of law and order; possibility of the re-establishment of traditional marriage. The planetary relationships indicate fairness for African-Americans, the opportunity for stable agreements and laws with allies and foreign relations; and a balance of power. It also signifies common sense returning to the world and a settling down from unrealistic expectations. As the year goes by, the United States will have short times of stress when some traditions are let go because they are not suitable any more.

On December 20, 2009 Mars goes retrograde through middle of March 2010, suggesting a slowdown of manufacturing and a slowdown of the automobile and gun businesses. This is the time for manufacturers to re-tool and business will surge after March 2010. There could be fires, explosions and shootings if the negative happens. This pertains to the world, not only to America.

You may contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.0579
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