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 Thomas Jefferson

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PostSubject: Thomas Jefferson   Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:39 am

From: Martin Greenhut (
Date: 16 Oct 2008
Subject: America Awake: A Declaration of Interdependence

I would like to bring to your attention a most extraordinary book titled "America Awake/A Declaration of Interdependence" soon to be published by Daynal Press

The author, August Jaccaci, " works with leaders throughout the world who want to envision and build an ideal future for themselves and their enterprises. He is a gifted speaker, a respected visionary and one of the world's foremost social inventors."

In the summer of 2007, Mr. Jaccaci was prompted to write a series of letters whom he believes are authored by the historical figure, Thomas Jefferson.

You can read this remarkable book online, learn more about the author, or order it at this link.

Just click on "Online Content" in the left column and scroll to the bottom for the link to read the online edition.




America Awake: A Declaration of Interdependence
by Thomas Jefferson and August Jaccaci

Thomas Jefferson, in these letters to Americans and the citizens of the world, is as always a radical and visionary idealist. He is also outraged at contemporary America. Yet, his assertions are in the end even more shocking for their spiritual optimism. On matters of the human soul and spirit, his thinking has evolved well beyond where he is remembered historically. He is also writing to us cognizant of our future as follows:
America means love.

The word America means love.
It is time, at last, for Americans to know that meaning,
and not a moment too soon.

Mr. Jefferson has returned for this critical time of decision to reawaken and revive the ailing soul of America. The soul of every human, every community and every nation is that unique inner consciousness which serves to navigate the living vessel of each life back to the safe harbor of reunion with the divine love which sent it forth.

Mr. Jefferson as the author of the Declaration of Independence and the social architect of the Bill of Rights is a primary guardian of the American soul. Under the terrible pressure of losing the American experiment in self-governance to the forces of fear trending toward fascism, Mr. Jefferson has returned to empower individual Americans to rise up to their full responsibility to protect their souls and their personal and community potential for fulfillment in truth, beauty and goodness which together express love, the meaning and destiny of America.

Mr. Jefferson's writings received at various moments on and after July 4th within the year 2007 are meant to be letters to all humanity. They are, however, focused on aspects of the American soul lest it journey farther from planetary potential toward planetary problem.


"Read this amazing text, please do so. There is nothing quite like it in all of the literature of this sort. It is a prophetic cry for change that must be heard now, and attended to now. I cite for the moment this amazing quote (see below) from Letter XX, but it is just one of many like it. Enjoy this book--and use it!"

-Byron Belitsos

"First by far in profiteering in the war and death industry, America yet is still the global seat of benevolence and idealism. Such a soul-wrenching struggle for clarity and purity of purpose human life has never seen before. The depth of the mystery of how good and evil could so inhabit a single soul seems to have rolled in like a thick fog from the ocean of human evolution. The American soul is desperate for the burning power and purity of sunlight, the sunlight of spiritual transcendence.

"It feels like an endless hopeless night of blinding murder among you. Yet, dawn is inevitable. There are those Americans among you still, first alone and then in small villages and towns and city neighborhoods who are rising early in courage to be bringers of the dawn. "I am reminded of the midnight ride of Paul Revere calling our country to the fight for freedom which today has begun again. If money is your purpose, early death to all life is your certain end. This time you fight the forces of eternal extinction.

Rise up. The dawn is at your door

Other Titles by Author:

General Periodicity
Soulcircling: The Journey to the Who
CEO: Chief Evolutionary Officer

You may read online the Letters I to VII at

More though


NOTE from Jean: I've downloaded this book - for free - through and believe the following excerpt is worth your attention - especially if you live in the Unites States of America...

Letter XIX

I have no right to speak to you of excess. All my adult life I lived beyond my means ending my years so deeply in debt as to be powerless to pass on anything of consequence to my progeny. Most importantly, I lost ownership of my slaves so that if I wanted to free them I could not.

Perhaps it is the shame of my final years, however, that qualifies me to warn you of excess, you whose lifestyles and whose transnational corporations are so compulsively gluttonous. For by military might, not right, and business cleverness, not kindness, you control and consume five to ten times every day more than your share, by your percentage of world population, of the world's riches.

Americans are less than five percent of the world's people. You consume twenty to fifty percent of its riches daily. Most of the world's people live on less for a year than some of you spend in an hour. Even just among yourselves, your corporate leaders now earn more in an hour than their own workers do in a year.

There is nothing more shocking in our nation's history than my own ownership of slaves. Yet today, Americans suffer the rest of the world's people and all other life forms to live enslaved to the thoughtless gluttony of a very few whom you glorify for their excesses in your magazines and media. Monetary wealth has so captivated the hearts, souls and dreams of Americans as to totally disassociate your lives from worthy membership with all other lives and life itself on your planet. It is estimated that it would take four planet Earths to provide all of humanity what Americans consume daily.

Freedom, that priceless American ideal and virtue for some has now become freedom from you, not with you. Freedom from American and similar gluttony is now the life and death struggle of all life on Earth. For it is said by thoughtful scientists among you that at the rate of ruination of the planetary environment accelerating as it is, half the species here present today will be extinct by the end of this twenty-first century. Almost all the world's largest corporations that are these ravenous killers are American. Of course, there are many others and other rich persons worldwide. Yet America is leading the charge of global gluttons marching toward human extinction. Human extinction is now emerging as a possibility, as an image in the mirror of planetary nature. America has begun the act of human suicide without knowing it.

The struggle for freedom from England's tyranny in our nation's founding is an important moment in human history. Yet, it is as naught compared to the founding of a new planetary civilization for the salvation of life itself on Earth.

America is a comeback people. Comeback is the archetypal action defining American character. If there ever was a moment in the long several million year history of humanity now right for a comeback to salvation, you, America, are living in that moment. You, America, are the world's problem; so you are the world's solution. I am sorry to speak so harshly and with such spiritual excess. Yet, I feel there is no other choice if I am to awaken you to leadership in the creation of a planetary life renaissance so fulfilling of your natural destiny.


To find out more on August Jaccaci, check his Thomas Jefferson 2020 blog site at and watch this video clip of him.
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Thomas Jefferson
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