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 Archangel Gabriel

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PostSubject: Archangel Gabriel   Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:38 pm


A Message from Archangel Gabriel -- Through Shanta Gabriel -- October 9, 2008

Dear Ones,

There is so much joy to be experienced in this world. Focusing on the turmoil and uncertainty of future events in your economy is a prescription for pain. The creation of empowering thoughts of good news and benevolent outcomes are much more inclined to bring you the results you prefer to see manifest. Daily swimming in the bad news presented on TV will not assist your life in being happier. No one really KNOWS what will happen in your economic market. There are many probabilities, and yet it is truly in the great UNKNOWN at this time.

Fear of the unknown is so rampant that many consider it "normal." But it is the power of these growing fears that can tear down the hopes for your brighter future. Consider the possibility that this great Unknown can be likened to a blackboard on which can be written all that you would truly choose to experience. If you are dwelling in fear based reactions and worry, the blackboard will be filled with the traumatic results of the energy frequency you are radiating. You attract into your life what fills your consciousness.

When your field of thought radiates the light filled awareness of new possibility and of opportunity for new choices, the power of the Law of Attraction brings that energy into your life. You can change your life when you lift your head and see the beauty that still exists around you. Begin to give thanks for the small, ordinary blessings that occur in your life on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to bless the flowers, and the magnificent beauty of the trees, and the loveliness of nature surrounding you. See the wonder in a child's discovery of something new and exciting. It is Nature's beauty that can lift your spirits when they are low, and the small elegant daily blessings in life that will sustain your recognition of possibility and a bright future.

You may also notice when you are feeling the most anxious that you are taking very shallow breaths. Your body believing it is not receiving enough oxygen to live may cause part of the anxiousness. Consider stopping for a moment to take some deep breaths. As you breathe, pray for a greater awareness of the Divine Presence working in your life in order to compose your energy. Bring your focus of attention to God's Light and the life giving oxygen available all around you. Give thanks for the new possibilities opening in your life, even if you don't see them. Ask for Divine Guidance to fill you with every breath, and offer your fear to the Angels of Light. This small exercise will bring you great benefits.

As the airwaves are filled with dire possibilities, consider some equally possible scenarios. What if the person who lost their house was being called by God to live in another area, or in a more reduced, simplified way of living that actually made them happier? What if the soul of the person who lost their job was calling them to learn something new that would bless their life in ways they never imagined? What if a greater miracle was underlying the economic changes that would create a new way of living that might bring more harmony to the entire planet? What if this is the opportunity to serve God that you were praying for even though it may not look like you imagined it? Be the first one on your block to claim a miracle in your life and in the lives of your friends and neighbors. Be open to a way of service unfolding for you that is beyond what you imagined for yourself.

With great upheaval comes greater opportunities. This is the beginning of a new way of life. There is no question that the old ways no longer work. You are creating a new future every day. Create one that brings more happiness with the recognition of possibilities. Begin to take delight in imagining the sweetness of a life filled with wonder and gratitude. Embrace the qualities that make you happy, harmonious and free. Bring more joy into your life moment to moment so that these qualities permeate your world. You can do this. Set aside discouragement and call more Light into your being with your prayers and your heartfelt intention for benevolent outcomes.

Make your intentions clear to live in harmony and serve God by bringing more miracles into your life and your world with your breath, with your prayers, and with your thoughts. As you ground this new Light-filled energy through your being, you will start to see changes happen for the better around you. More and more people are beginning to find themselves attracted to a new way of thinking, of working and living that brings more happiness into their families and into their lives. This is a true miracle.

Know that these changes in your economy have a Benevolent Outcome. Let yourself become a Beacon of Light that serves God in a greater way than you ever imagined possible. Please remember that you are not alone in this. The shift in people's consciousness is worldwide. The Archangels are assisting these planetary changes and will fill your hearts with love and your minds with Peace when you turn to Divine Light. Their energy is very real, it is necessary and will carry you through these times of darkness with the feeling of being held in Wings of Pure Light.
Breathe deeply and be at peace. Open your mind to the possibility of miracles right now. And so it is.
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Archangel Gabriel
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