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 Notice to lightworkers

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PostSubject: Notice to lightworkers   Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:44 pm

Eleventh hour Notice for lightworkers (or anyone else)

Table of Contents

This prints out to 4-5 pages

Heads up!

Incredibly significant time shift

Summer Solstice June 21, 2008

Heads up!

Acceleration of the Leap in Consciousness

Full Moon

June 18, 2008

Astrology Stuff: Planetary indicators

Ascension Stuff: Alignment with the Galactic Center


Just another Summer Solstice, or……??

Listen closely. Hear the sound of screeching tires and screaming brakes? That is me slamming up against June 17th just in time to alert you to what is happening on the Summer Solstice this year and also, at the Full Moon Wednesday on June 18th. Yes, it’s true. We do mark the Sun’s entrance into zero degrees of the zodiacal sign Cancer every year to observe the first day of summer (in the northern hemisphere). Well, as it turns out, 2008 is not just another Summer Solstice in the good old third dimension on planet Earth.

The Granddaddy of Ascension Energies?

You may well ask why I did not give you a little more lead time to get out the candles or to otherwise prepare for an event of such magnitude. The explanation has to do with the unbelievable energies that have come in waves all through the month of June to culminate with the Full Moon/Solstice. Regular readers know that I am a 21st Century shaman/lightworker. In that capacity—along with my core group—I am part of the world wide shock troops that facilitate the integration of these transformational energies into the planetary grids, also referred to as the mass consciousness of all humanity.

Are you with me so far?

Hello, everybody. How many of you know what I am talking about here? If not you may not have noticed anything particularly disturbing to ordinary life. If you do know what I talking about, you are at least partly awakened and the past weeks have been a trip through lightbeing hell. That is sort of a guideline, at least.


That is to say that the 4 D’s have taken a hit on the leap of consciousness and ascension shift trail--unlike any other we can ever remember, and that is really saying something! (Note to new readers: The 4 D’s are the core group of shaman/lightworkers with whom I have worked for many years; i.e., my brother, Duane, my son, David, and my husband, Don.)


This explains why I have not been able to drag myself to the computer to get out a newsletter before now. I was in the dead bug position. I haven't explained for awhile what that is. That is when your life circumstances and/or the energies are just so overwhelming and impossible that you lie immobilized on your back in the middle of the living room floor with your arms and legs sticking up in the air. The details about the underlying meaning of this latest blast of cosmic energies will come later in the newsletter. For now, lets look at the astrology of it all first.

Astrological update

There is a Full Moon on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. The Moon will be in 27 degrees Sagittarius and the Sun will be in 27 degrees of Gemini. Mercury is in 13 degrees Gemini retrograde and will make its station and go direct (or forward) on Friday the 20th. Pluto is retrograde and has moved backwards into 29 degrees Sagittarius from Capricorn. When the Sun enters zero degrees Cancer it will oppose Pluto.

Pluto activates the Galactic Center

The planet of interest is Pluto. The Sun, of course, is the center of our solar system. Our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Galaxy has a center also(the Galactic Center) and it is the last degrees of Sagittarius. There is a black hole there. Pluto has engaged the Galactic Center all last year as it traveled back and forth in those late degrees of Sagittarius. In January it left its long passage through Sagittarius and entered Capricorn. This year it moves back and forth between Sagittarius and Capricorn and will not get back into Capricorn until November 27th, this year.

Pluto and Company blasts the third dimension…and your world.

This has meaning in a mundane sense in relation to major events in national and global affairs. It also has meaning on a deeply personal transformational level ultimately affecting human consciousness as a whole. Sagittarius relates to belief systems and to educational institutions. Most would agree that events concerning education and events in high schools and university campuses were in the news, sometimes tragically. There were deep divisions along religious lines, ultra right wing conservatives versus the liberal left wing. We are in a war that is fundamentally about religious ideologies.

What this means for the Shift into the fifth dimension in 2012

As predicted, when Pluto entered Capricorn the emphasis shifted. Pluto’s action serves to bring corruption and hidden things to light. Capricorn concerns big government and the corporate world of big business. Pluto also is directly related to financial matters including indebtedness, bankruptcies, loans, mortgages and the dark side of all these scandals as we have seen.

The presidential campaign themes followed suit moving from the war to the economy and now that Sagittarius moves to center stage once again, we will surely see religious themes and belief systems polarizing opposing camps even further. Think of the state of Texas versus the polygamous cult there, the role of ministers to presidential candidates and the legalizing of gay marriages. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet! We will see ever deepening polarization throughout the months ahead. There is a lot more dirt to come to light as Pluto works to reveal the dark side of life in these areas of society.

As for the transformational side to all of this, most of you are aware that I (and my shamanic network) am deeply involved in the Ascension Shift slated to occur in 2012. The books I have written with my brother are listed on my Web site if you want to investigate this further. This is not the time and space to explain further right now. So this information is for the readers who are already aware of and participating in this historic shift in consciousness of the entire human race. Pluto is the planet most involved in the transformation of consciousness. It rules over DNA. The coming Shift requires that that one must shift into the lightbody in order to tolerate the higher frequencies of the dimensional shift.

The astrological line-up reflects the Mayan calendar cycles.

Now we are getting down to the critical significance of this Full Moon and Solstice. Pluto in alignment with the Galactic Center signals humanity’s shift into Galactic consciousness. That is the consciousness of the next dimension. The Mayan calendar is not a calendar in the popularly understood meaning of that word. It is not a calendar that you replace on your wall every January 1st. It is the historical history of the evolutionary cycles of humanity on planet Earth. Right now we are in the last cycle of Galactic Consciousness as measured by the Mayan code. There is no way I can undertake a full explanation of this extremely complicated subject. If you really want to delve into it, I recommend Barbara Hand Clow’s book The Mayan Code. Those of you awakened to all this ascension business will know what I am talking about.

Triggering critical mass

There is a time shift in which a new frequency will be released to assist in the awakening of the mass consciousness, or all of humanity. This will emanate from the great central sun. This signals what will be a spontaneous quantum leap. All throughout history it has always been the few that have created the great historic and evolutionary changes for the whole. According to reliable channels, it will require about one million awakened light workers to reach critical mass that pulls the trigger for a leap in consciousness for all six billion souls on the planet.

The population on earth is deeply divided between two groups, those that are awake and those who aren't. The ones who aren't awakened will not understand no matter what I say or what you say. It is simply just two different worlds. To those who have not awakened to the new consciousness, we are just written off as crazy for the most part.

Lightbeings and light workers are spiritually advanced (not coweringly religious for god’s sake), a rare kind of attuned being who actually helps usher in a profoundly new way of being on the planet. These individuals actually do help us progress and evolve. They are the authentic healers, peacemakers and philosophers of the highest order. They do not speak to logic, to reason or to emotion. They speak to the soul.

There will be thousands of people who are attuned to this momentous shift on the 21st. They will join in a great network at noon wherever they are in a great network to set in motion the forces of unity and Oneness. You may decide what you want to do to add your voice to this change coming onto the planet. Do it in your own way. Hold the intent. You don't need to know all the details. The 4 D’s will be journeying that day.

The 4 D’s just recently got the message ourselves that the energies we were struggling with were aimed at building the bridge to the planetary grid. Many others of you have been participating whether you were consciously aware of it or not. You and your life may look like basket cases right now. Others may well think that we are a pretty sorry mess indeed. What they don't know is that we may have thought the same thing!

I will give only a brief summary of what it all may mean. I will write more about it when it comes clearer. I lost my voice starting about a month ago. There were several days I could not talk at all. All of us felt the heaviest and most confounding and confusing energies. We were just plain dysfunctional. The incredible frustration was the inability to sort it out. We just could not get a handle on it. There just were no words. I would have really thought I had lost it for good if not for Duane and Don suffering the same symptoms. Son David did his best to hold the energies for us, but he was not much more functional except for the greatest of effort. However, there was this puzzling up side. We made a great leap forward in consciousness and psychic awareness. Also, we are greatly improved physically.

Jumping quickly to the end of the story and leaving out the middle, this is about the crumbling of the dominance of the left brain especially in Western cultures. Coincident with that is the emergence of the Feminine ( goddess) and the inner psychic, intuitive right brain. Most of the mass consciousness is suffering from what we can call possession by the left brain. These are the people who cannot believe in anything that cannot be absolutely proven by science or left brain logic. That is why they think we are crazy, those of us that have worked with consciousness and the development of the intuitive function. It is the other 95% of the brain that has capacity to collect truth and insight far exceeding logic.

I could not talk because the intuitive is not about words. This will have to do for this newsletter. Those of you who know what I am taking about, run with this and observe the beginning of some of the greatest changes to ever come onto this planet. The next few years will see more changes than most people can ever possibly imagine. It is not primarily going to be in the form of events—even though it should be interesting—but rather in the shift in belief systems of greater and greater numbers of people.
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PostSubject: Re: Notice to lightworkers   Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:57 am

Thank you MID. That makes so much sense to me, especially the "dead bug" position! lol
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PostSubject: Re: Notice to lightworkers   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:47 am

Good read - gotta love the bug. I know I've been there ...

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PostSubject: Re: Notice to lightworkers   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:54 am

I love Diana, she is one of the coolest people I know. She is a fellow Aquarian. She has helped me through a lot.
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Wild Dove
Wild Dove

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PostSubject: Re: Notice to lightworkers   Wed Jun 18, 2008 2:20 pm


"We are All Giving Birth to Each Other" -Anais Nin
"Not all of us are eagles, yet we all are sky dancers" -Dancing Dog to Willy TwoHawk.
"At night there are millions of galaxies. During the day there is the beauty of friends dancing at their wedding to each other." -Rumi
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PostSubject: Re: Notice to lightworkers   

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Notice to lightworkers
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