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 What Recession?

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PostSubject: What Recession?   Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:15 pm

I received this from Alan Cohen's newsletter.

A recent issue of Newsweek reported that while many consumers are tightening their belts for economically lean times, businesses that cater to very wealthy clients are booming. Italian handbag purveyor Bottega Veneta reported a first quarter increase of 31.5% in sales, on top of a 49% surge in 2007. Prada's profits were up 66%. Some of Christie's fine art pieces are being auctioned for two or three times pre-auction estimates. 80% of wealthy people polled indicated they intended to spend more during the coming year. In an article entitled Unsinkable Luxury, Newsweek declared, "the luxury spending spree goes on unfettered."

If you, like many people, are spending less these days even on necessities, you may scoff, "It's not fair!" as you covertly send multimillionaires the stinkeye. Yet I would like to suggest another take on the situation, one that will empower you emotionally and financially.

Recessions are caused when consumers grow afraid to spend money, which diminishes the cash in circulation, and most people end up receiving less. It's a vicious cycle fueled less by a fixed economic reality and more by fear. Recession is a fear-based reality.

Wealthy people are generally not afraid to spend money; in fact they rather enjoy it. so economic conditions that frighten most folks do not faze them, and they continue to purchase $18,000 handbags, which keeps big bucks in circulation. Because fear is disempowering and faith is empowering, wealthy people are making a big contribution to the economy, not just by continuing to purchase, but more significantly by refusing to go into the sense of lack that paralyzes others.

You can offset recession collectively and personally by refusing to make decisions based on fear. I suggest that you spend money on the things you want and need, and trust that providence is natural. I'm not suggesting that you spend money you don't have or spend imprudently. I'm just suggesting that you let faith be a stronger factor in your consciousness than fear or resistance.

When Ted Turner recently donated a billion dollars to the United Nations, he declared, "The world is awash with money." Did he say that because he has lots of money, or does he have lots of money because he knows that the world is awash with money? I am sure the latter is the case.

The world is always awash with money, as well as an abundance of resources. How much of them you get to enjoy is not up the economy - it is up to you. Your most crucial prosperity organ is your brain, and the times when others are shutting down circulation is the most fertile time to step it up.

There are always people, even in more modest income brackets, who flounder in strong economic times, as well as those who thrive in hard times. I recently asked a realtor friend how she was doing. "My business is buzzing," she reported with a smile. "I've closed a bunch of sales lately." When I asked her method, she explained, "I don't read newspapers or engage in conversations with others about the reported slow market. I choose to live in a prosperous reality, and that is how it turns out."

The two greatest architectural achievements of the twentieth century - the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate bridge - were funded at the height of the great depression. During that time there were visionary people who invested their thoughts, feelings, and money in expansion and success, and so it was.

You, too have the right and power to create a vibrant personal economy and help those around you by holding the high watch for prosperity. No need to go thumbs down on Prada; just go thumbs up on you.
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Wild Dove

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PostSubject: Re: What Recession?   Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:23 pm

MID, there is a lot of truth in your post, in my opinion. What we intend to have, happens. Its about faith AND PATIENCE as well.

This nest has focused a lot on loons, cranes, and herons lately. This is significant. These birds wait patiently for hours in small streams, ponds, small rivers just to snatch the "big one", letting the small fry alone.

If we humans do the same, ie., wait patiently for what we desire, stay focused on our small ponds, small streams, instead of mighty rivers(nations) and oceans (humanity) we too could "be successful" in our own environments (neighborhoods-portions of town-extended family, instead of the more lofty "family of man"potential)........

"We are All Giving Birth to Each Other" -Anais Nin
"Not all of us are eagles, yet we all are sky dancers" -Dancing Dog to Willy TwoHawk.
"At night there are millions of galaxies. During the day there is the beauty of friends dancing at their wedding to each other." -Rumi
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PostSubject: Re: What Recession?   Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:40 am

Well put WD! Melissa and I were taking a little canoe ride yesterday, in a small local private lake and in the middle of this lake was an island. We decided to get out and take a stroll and as we walked the parimeter of the island we found one white crane feather in each of the four directions.
The significance of this did not escape us and we vowed to post it today here on the nest.
The graceful patience with which these creatures seek their desires is stunning, at the very least. What tickles me most is the flexibility with which they manuver to stalk their next meal.
Remain flexable dear members and practicing patience will eventually prove rewarding.

"Like attracts Like"
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PostSubject: Re: What Recession?   

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What Recession?
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