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PostSubject: latest from Mathew   Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:19 pm

War games prelude to something big?
Israeli Minister of Defence Ehud Barak announced on Sunday that Israel started the biggest military and civil drills in its history, that would include unconventional weapons, in what military analysts believe is a prelude for something "big".

Hizbullah: IDF preparing for new war
"These drills are part of preparations for war because Israel is always in a warlike situation," Kassem told a rally south of Beirut. "These maneuvers are part of preparations for something in the future - probably it could be far off - but it is a preparation for war."

... and I shared it with Suzy and asked if Matthew would like to tell us his perspective on this situation and perhaps confirm if we need to ask for our space family's direct intervention to prevent this."

Matthew sent what I feel is the clearest, most succinct and eloquent message I've seen on these matters. It encompasses many subjects that readers of Matthew's material are now familiar with and helps bring a great measure of reassurance that between our space family's assistance on and off-planet and our own efforts, there is nothing to fear.

Here is his message dated April 2, 2008

Dear soul Jean,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about the reports that do indeed sound dire until you put them into the context of the far more significant powers that are influencing events in your world.
There are a number of essential factors, starting with Creator's decree that there will be no more nuclear wars anywhere in the cosmos because of the severe damage those have done to some souls - not to bodies, which are temporary "housing" for a soul's individual physical lifetimes, but to the souls, the total essence of the god-goddess selves you are. Creator made this one exception to Its law that every soul's free will choice must be honored: Any persons who attempt to wage a nuclear war will be stopped. Acting on Creator's decree, God authorized spiritually, intellectually and technologically evolved civilizations in this universe to prevent all attempts to initiate such a war, and this has been done successfully on Earth more than once in recent years.

God's authorization to those civilizations includes the honoring of Earth's free will choice that all violence and destruction of her planetary body cease. At the time of her choice, over sixty years ago in your linear time, myriad light beings-many of such vast and powerful soul collectives that you cannot imagine it-started infusing Earth with their light. This massive inflow of light not only saved her planetary body, but also has been raising the consciousness of her peoples. However, millennia of violence in a population cannot be abruptly eliminated, so the energy invested in maintaining the war machine with its monetary profits and land conquests, and the intention of some souls to control all others, must play itself out. This has been happening. If you think of the global outcry for peace today in comparison with the mentality prevailing during World War II and the continued lessening of support for wars since then, you can see this effect of the light on minds and hearts.

Even when advanced civilizations see the need for help elsewhere, they cannot intervene without being asked. Actually, Earth's cry for their assistance was enough, but your request automatically was added by the ever-growing global efforts toward peace and the end of oppression. It isn't necessary that ones believe that other life exists in the universe, much less that many highly evolved souls are living among you and millions are surrounding your planet-your desire for a better world is your conscious expression of a non-verbalized invitation to the celestial helpers.

The darkest of minds in your world do know about the lighted civilizations' presence and their on-going assistance ever since Earth asked for their help to ascend out of third density where darkness flourishes. This created such fear in those dark souls that they lost both the ability to think rationally and the capacity for conscience, which atrophied from non-use. Seeing their plans for world domination being shredded to tatters, the more desperate the dark ones became to hold onto the frayed remnants.

A related factor is that Earth's ascension pathway has reached the higher energy frequencies where the extremes of duality are playing themselves out so the nature of humankind can return to the balance that is within light. At this point, all characteristics and emotions are magnified, and this is evident in people's behavior. At one extreme, the brutal, oppressive and greedy ones are panicking in their efforts to regain control; and, at the other extreme, wiser and spiritually aware souls are equally dedicated to their "behind the scenes" actions to return sanity to leadership positions and institute wide-ranging reforms worldwide.

The crux of the issue about any grave-sounding information is that plans made in darkness is one thing and achieving desired results is quite another. When you put those meetings and topics of discussion - and please keep in mind that often information is "leaked" solely for the purpose of creating fear, the dark ones' most effective tool and the fuel they need to survive-into both the global and universal light networks I described, you will see that efforts to implement the harshest measures will not reach fruition.

Stay steadfast in the light and keep Earth's Golden Age foremost in your thoughts and hearts. The transformation of your world that you are helping to create in this very moment already has been manifested in the continuum - that is how powerful you are!
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latest from Mathew
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